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COPQ Template

Abstract: This template can be used to document and create a baseline of costs associated with materials, and resources along with failure costs such as internal failures, external failures, appraisal costs and prevention costs.

Keywords: Tools and Templates - DMAIC: Measure

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Looks good.
--Jose Alberez, 08-22-2012

With the general bad reviews already mentioned, it is very sad to say that this is, by all coincidences, a typical example of poor quality....the cost of which is yet to be determined.... based on who actually used it.
--Percy Francisco, 08-01-2012

COPQ template very basic, but may be go introduction for production operators. thanks
--John S., 08-01-2012

Pretty simple, no fault of the author. More mystifying is that ASQ would offer this as a "benefit of membership". I guess in an election year we should be prepared for unfulfilled promises!
--Jim Pittman, 08-01-2012

Thanks for preliminary info. Please clarify in next template.
--mayur, 07-26-2012

Very little to zero value. Being a new member I hope it gets better from here....
--Tom, 07-26-2012

Couldn't even spell "Appraisal" correctly?
--Scott Morris, 07-24-2012

This is very disappointing. Would like to do like many and give 'zero' stars to this.
--Mark Swanson, 07-23-2012

I've seen some weak gifts before, but as ASQ, you should use this example to find your COPQ.
--Robert Kline, 07-23-2012

that is awful. how much effort was this
--rich margo, 07-17-2012

I did not find this template useful. Perhaps someone who is doing a similar project in manufacturing can use it.
--GC, 07-15-2012

This is NOT a template, it is an example. And a poor one at that. Not only is it of no value, but the math calculations in it are not even correct. Very disappointing coming from ASQ.
--Kerry, 07-13-2012

Not a good example of the template I was interested in
--Wally Piatek, 07-12-2012

I concur with the other comments. Someone didn't look at this before they made it available as our membership "gift."
--Robin Gates, 07-11-2012

It is not quality culture to use attacking language when commenting on another colleagues work! For me I think there is some value in the template provided, except that it needs some clarifications to provide greater value from using it. For instance, is non conformance ( defect) which has not reached the customer not an internal failure? So, why was zero cost entered in the column listing the various types of cost of quality? Stars selected is 3
--JOSEPH AKPIEYI, 07-11-2012

This must have been a joke or a mistake... only a 5x5 area for data entry? Really? Soneone's laughing their head off I bet.
--Dave, 07-11-2012

Is this April 1st??
--Gerry, 07-11-2012

The template by itself is useless.
--Victor E. Sower, Ph.D., C.Q.E., 07-11-2012

¬°una excelente herramienta!
--Jose Alaluna, 07-11-2012

What a waste! Not at all comprehensive or useful.
--Ken Desmangles, 07-11-2012

It was worth every penny I paid for it.
--Stephen Stanley, 07-09-2012

I, like Barbara, was hoping for something a little more intelligent. The most difficult and important part of tracking COPQ is the impact to the bottom line, lost customer confidence, etc. Those are difficult to monitize. Lost time, rework costs, etc, are easy to track and usually inmaterial compared to the potential loss of business.
--Dr. Nathan Rucker, 07-09-2012

Not worth downloading
--Maggie Osler, 07-09-2012

This is not a very good template! Did you upload the wrong one?
--Martin Valdez, 07-09-2012

Everyone has already said it...
--Jose Luis Patino, 07-08-2012

All I can say is WOW !!! The only way this could be more disappointing is if it had a virus attached.
--Dick Gent, 07-06-2012

Let's be fair; I suppose the intention is not to provide full consultancy but to provide a basic guide for further development.
--Sule D.O, 07-06-2012

Weak, or as member above said it: "insignificant file"
--Dragan, 07-06-2012

Not much substance - pretty limited; dissipointed in ASQ
--Paul Degonish, 07-06-2012

Not detailed enough as expected.
--obinna, 07-05-2012

Rather useless!!!!
--Tom Bierman, 07-05-2012

I reviewed the comments before opening the file, thinking that many folks were being harsh. Now that I have opened the file, I understand. Very limited in scope and not very useful to someone who has never investigated COPQ.
--La Donna Bonneville, 07-05-2012

Oh, found the link. Pretty insignificant file.
--Rick, 07-05-2012

Could not locate template link
--Rick, 07-05-2012

Lacks depth. Weak on specific external costs such as warranty/credits/concessions, shipping...
--Rick Hodgson, 07-04-2012

The template is quite useless and shows a complete miss understanding of the subject. It even fails to identify recovery and lost opportunity costs to get you back to the start point.
--Kevin Prior, 07-04-2012

Very disappointing
--Bob Welsh, 07-04-2012

I like templates, but I have to admit, this is not worth the time it took to open the file, and not up to the standard I expect from ASQ.
--Rod Loucks, 07-04-2012

I agree this spreadsheet is a waste of time and took 2 minutes to make. I am really disappointed in these "Free" offerings since most are a way to get you to buy "the rest fo the story"
--Larry Owen, 07-04-2012

Could not access the template
--L Jones, 07-04-2012

Thanks for the effort. However, please refer to the IPC -PC-90 for the Cost of Quality wherein Cost of Poor Quality were identified (internal and external failure costs).
--Lucia M. Lopez , 07-04-2012

Very raw... :(
--Imran, 07-04-2012

Very basic Excel sheet without added value
--Jan, 07-04-2012

not a great very good example
--Catharine Andrews, 07-03-2012

Very disappointing, far better examples are available by a quick search on Google.
--Boyd Owens, 07-03-2012

Very disappointing.. not useful at all... certainly not what i'd expect from ASQ.
--Brent Myers, 07-03-2012

Template is very good; just what I needed to use for some projects.
--Tom McAfee, 07-03-2012

What a waste of time and effort
--wasim muhammad, 07-02-2012

--Edwn Quinones, 07-02-2012

I find this template useless. This does nothing to help people understand the proper use of CoPQ. Appraisal and Prevention are not part of CoPQ and to imply it is makes people question the value of this material.
--Dr. Jesse Mangual, 07-02-2012

--Tom Riffe, 07-02-2012

Very manufacturing based and does not include the formulas -- it could just as easily be a Word document in this format. Was hoping for a more sophisitcated calculation for non-conformance and effect of customer non-return (using survey data responses or the like)
--Barbara, 07-02-2012
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