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Simple QFD Matrix

Abstract: QFD connects the voice of the customer needs and wants (the Whats) to the capabilities, techniques, or approaches (the Hows) an organization can leverage to meet those needs. It is used in the DMAIC Define step to capture the customer needs, and in the Improve step to define the "Hows" that can be implemented. Input the "Whats" in the Whats worksheet and prioritize each (using a 0,1,3,9 or a 0-10 scale) - the greater the number the higher priority. Input the "Hows" in the Hows spreadsheet. Input the relationship in the Matrix worksheet. Calculations are done automatically by the spreadsheet. NOTE: increasing the Whats or Hows columns will create macro problems. This is for simple QFD matrix to avoid the expensive of QFD software.

Keywords: Tools and Templates - DMAIC: Define - DMAIC: Improve

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