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Project Ticket Template

Abstract: This tool is used to define the framework (or charter) for a quality planning or quality improvement project. It is designed to avoid project scope creep by keeping the project focused on the defined objectives and deliverables. It also helps to identify project team members from the list of stakeholders and to expose project interdependencies.

Keywords: Tools and Templates - DMAIC: Define

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This template looks practical in many ways. I think I will use it not only in projects but also in Critical activities in my processes. Thanks!!
--Yanela Zamora, 01-10-2012

Excellent template, thanks
--Frank Escalante, 01-07-2012

Better use the A3 template for improvement planning.
--Tony Godinez, 01-06-2012

Old Stuff
--Bob Young, 01-05-2012

--David Gilfoy, 01-05-2012

--Teck Teo, 01-05-2012

Very nice template.Thanks!!!
--Samarth Karnekar, 01-05-2012

--fdadsf, 01-04-2012

--Howard , 01-04-2012

--Joe Heser, 01-04-2012

Excellent template to use in new projects or quality improvement projects / activities.
--Sergio Cunha, 01-04-2012

Very helpful
--Elwin Drummond, 01-04-2012

Not sure until I see it.
--Josef Pfister, 01-04-2012

--Johnna Bowen, 01-04-2012

This template may be very useful for definition of varied projects.
--Ron Starzinski, 01-04-2012

This item may be very useful for the definition of varied projects.
--Ron Starzinski, 01-04-2012

--Jorge Camarena, 01-03-2012
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