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Let It Flow

SSFMv14i2In February's Six Sigma Forum Magazine, Dennis R. Delisle and Kathleen Jaffe detail how Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia used lean strategies to improve perioperative patient flow.

Reengineering Packaging Lines

Boston Scientific WorkerA project team at Boston Scientific, Heredia (Costa Rica), used a DMAIC roadmap to help identify and implement an efficient continuous-flow packaging line in its Amplatz Super Stiff™ Guidewires area, resulting in a cost saving and cost avoidance. Read the case study.

Quality Account

SSFM v14 i1 coverIn the November issue of Six Sigma Forum Magazine, Tewogbade Shakir Adeyemi discusses developing Six Sigma metrics for scorecards in the bank account-opening process.
Download the article (PDF).

Sustaining Results

SSFM v13i3 coverA case study in the May 2014 issue of Six Sigma Forum Magazine focuses on the human side of change and introduces a change management approach to help organizations transition from their current state to a desired future state.

30,000-Foot-Level Performance Metric Reporting

SSFMv13i2 coverAn article by Forrest W. Breyfogle III for the February issue of Six Sigma Forum Magazine offers insights on understanding and improving processes from a bird's-eye viewpoint.

Costs and Savings of Six Sigma Programs

QMJv19i4A study of 28 organizations shows that effective implementation of Six Sigma led to an average savings of 1.7 percent of revenues over the period of implementation and an average return of more than $2 in direct savings for every dollar invested.

Read the study (PDF, open access) in the October 2012 issue of Quality Management Journal.  

Creative Combination

FishboneWhen potential root cause analysis through a fishbone diagram alone does not offer obvious direction, try combining the fishbone diagram with a suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers (SIPOC) diagram and a cause and effect matrix to jump-start a lean Six Sigma project. 




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