Featured Course: Developing High-Performance Supplier and Partner Relationships

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Featured Course:

Developing High-Performance Supplier and Partner Relationships

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is increasingly becoming a major quality management competency. Some outsourcing contracts are driven by the need to support internal operations and are thus transparent and seamless with respect to your customers. Other partnerships are even more strategic and involve the partner in direct delivery of service to your customers.

ASQ’s new virtual course “Developing High-Performance Supplier and Partner Relationships” is a two-day session (days 1 and 2 are a week apart) that quickly provides practical methods, tools, and suggestions you need for managing outsourcing relationships so as to sustainably and successfully supplement your organization’s core competencies.

Through this real-time Web-based course (including workshops and breakout sessions), you will learn:

  • Factors driving companies to partner with outside service providers—it is no longer simply an issue of supplier sub-contracting.
  • The significant risks of partnering—at least 11 common pitfalls.
  • The key indicators of successful partnering—are they present in your current or proposed outsourcing partnership?

Practical tools and exercises with your fellow participants will teach you how to:

  • Find and screen reliable suppliers/partners to support your organization’s strategy and mission.
  • Develop objective and measurable service-level agreements consistent with the contract.
  • Manage and objectively evaluate your organization’s partnering relationship.
  • …and much more!

Whether your organization is exploring outsourcing or you are a provider seeking to use quality methods to differentiate yourself from the competition, you will want to check out this new and timely course, or contact ASQ Customer Care for more information.

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