American Society for Quality

Mid-Ohio Valley Section 0803


April 2017 Meeting Minutes
Location - Dow Chemical, South Charleston, WV

Secretary Report
March minutes were read by Cyndi. Motion made by Cyndi to approve minutes as written, Second by Tom. Minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer/Audit Report
Sue unable to attend meeting. Report sent via email
Balance at end of March $1,427.27 and current balance
Check in March were for dinner meeting $185.27 and for mugs for Speaker gifts for $36.00
No member allotment in Feb, Mar, or April
Financial report for Q1 2017 due at end of month. It will be taken care of today and copies to the officers on submission.
The missing member allotments was a concern, however research is required to see why allotments have not been received.
Bev will follow up with Jim Creiman on missing allotments.

Internet Liaison
No report

Certifications / Re-certifications
No report

Membership Report
Two new members: Michael Beckner and Ryan Dunlap

PAR Award Application
Bev received notification our application received a low score. She is evaluating and will follow up with Jim Creiman.

Section 803 Leadership
No report

Meeting Speaker/Locations
Jim Creiman to present at the May meeting. Dow also looking into possibly hosting a tour in the Fall or October.

2017 Business Plan and Budget
No report.

Future ASQ Events
ASQ World Conference, May 1-3, 2017, Charlotte, NC. Attending from Section 803 will be Janice Stout, Sue Vallera, and Tom Anderson.

Preparation Techniques and Tips for the CQE Certification
Jason Van Meter

Posted 2017-05-10