Storage Reliability

Abstract: In January, 1986, the Challenger disaster imposed a lengthy delay on the U.S. space shuttle program. This delay placed the remaining shuttles in enforced storage. In October, 1988, as the shuttle, Discovery, was being prepared for launch, it was discovered that components and subsystems had failed due to deterioration in storage. The recent history of the space shuttle program demonstrates the need to consider storage reliability. In the United States, some nuclear power plant operations have been delayed by legal maneuvers and the con‐cerns of environmentalists. The electronic control systems for the power plants had been delivered and installed, although the plants are not yet on‐line. This is another form of enforced storage. To be certain that storage had not been detrimental to these electronic control systems, periodic evaluations are required. This is another example of the need to consider storage reliability.

Keywords: Non-operating - One-shot Devices

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