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Do you need resources and tools to improve processes, save time, and increase your bottom line? ASQ’s Learning Institute has the answer for you.


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With ASQ’s PDSA plus QTools training you’ll:

  • Improve current processes with the PDSA approach
  • See immediate results leading to higher productivity
  • Apply quality tools in real-world situations
  • Combine tools for improved analysis
  • Take away templates for future use

Product Information

PDSA plus QTools is a self-paced, suite of e-learning courses designed to teach you the PDSA continuous improvement model, and related problem solving quality tools (QTools). It’s highly interactive and fully narrated from start to finish. It will provide you with knowledge you can immediately apply in the workplace, and you can practice each tool along the way.

The PDSA course lasts 90 minutes, while each individual QTool course lasts 30 minutes, respectively. Pricing varies depending on your needs. See below for details.



PDSA plus QTools

QTools Suite



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*Volume discounts available upon request

Explore the Tools

Fishbone Diagram

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)
A simple, powerful continuous improvement model.
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Fishbone Diagram

5 Whys
Determine root causes of a problem.
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Fishbone Diagram

Check Sheet
A simple and effective data collection tool.
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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram
Understand potential root cause of a problem.
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Fishbone Diagram

Understand processes – from simple to complex.
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Fishbone Diagram

Pareto Chart
Prioritize and focus in on impactful improvements.
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Fishbone Diagram

Run Chart
An effective quick visual analysis tool.
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Fishbone Diagram

Scatter Diagram
See the relationship between two variables.
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Group Training

Have a large group you need to train? Implement these resources and tools among all workgroups. Volume discounts available upon request. Fill out the information below to be contacted by an ASQ representative to receive more information.

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