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Geared Toward Innovation

by Bisgaard, Soren

The role of innovation is being vigorously debated among quality professionals and in society at large. It is therefore appropriate that innovation has been elevated to one of the most important strategic issues for the quality profession....

Innovation Imperative: Plan to Pivot

by Merrill, Peter

Next to the word “innovation,” “strategy” is perhaps one of the most widely misunderstood words in business. Put the two words together, and you could have some serious problems....

Knowing When You’ve Added Value

by Keathley, Jane

Creating value is the “golden nugget” of innovation. Without value, there is no innovation. Adding value is what keeps organizations in business, just as quality became a prerequisite for business success in the 1990s....

Innovation Imperative: The Happy Innovator

by Merrill, Peter

“The Circle,” a 2017 movie starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, is an interesting commentary on building a better workplace....

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