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Geared Toward Innovation

by Bisgaard, Soren

The role of innovation is being vigorously debated among quality professionals and in society at large. It is therefore appropriate that innovation has been elevated to one of the most important strategic issues for the quality profession....

Innovation Imperative: 'And the Truth Is Plain to See'

by Merrill, Peter

Celebrating 50 years of Quality Progress got me wondering about what was happening in the late 1960s. Specifically, I thought about a band called Procol Harum and its No. 1 hit, “Whiter Shade of Pale.”...

Innovation Imperative: Establishing Alliances

by Merrill, Peter

Often, we think of suppliers as people from whom we simply “buy stuff.” Yet they can be a major source of knowledge, and knowledge is the fuel of innovation. Too often, we dismiss the reps who call—yet they can get open the door to many new opportunities....

Innovation Imperative: Coordinating Coexistence

by Merrill, Peter

One of the most frequently asked questions by people interested in innovation is, “How do we create a culture of innovation?” This is because they recognize that innovators do things differently....

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