Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

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The True Test of Loyalty

by Hayes, Bob

The customer loyalty field has experienced much technological innovation, such as automated reporting portals and integration of attitudinal and behavioral data in customer relationship management applications, over the past decade....

Vox Populi 4.0

by Bowers, Keith; Pickerel, Tina V.

The powerful new tools that drive voice of the customer (VOC) analysis in Quality 4.0 let us see and understand with new clarity products and processes from the customer perspective. If done right, these new approaches can deliver big benefits....

Reader Memories

by Dal Porto, Lindsay

A collection of memories, anecdotes and best wishes from QP readers....

Mind the Gaps

by Kennedy, Denise M.

Surveys of customers across various economic sectors, including healthcare, indicate decreasing satisfaction with service. Delivering better service requires an understanding of three unique characteristics....

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