Measurement and Statistics

Editor's Pick

Driven by Metrics

by Okes, Duke

Performance metrics are a necessary part of managing an organization. However, they have good and bad impacts on individual behavior, so organizations need to find ways to maximize the good while minimizing the potential damage....

Statistics Spotlight: Revisiting the Old Seven

by Barsalou, Matthew

The seven quality tools, also known as the old seven or the classic seven, are easy-to-use methods that every quality professional should know. These tools were first collected in Kaoru Ishikawa’s classic book Guide to Quality Control....

Statistics Spotlight: What’s Driving Uncertainty?

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.

One of the substantial improvements to the practice of data analysis in recent decades is the change from reporting just a point estimate for a parameter or characteristic to now including a summary of uncertainty for that estimate....

Statistics Roundtable: Is Heterogeneity Your Friend?

by Allen, I. Elaine; Seaman, Julia E.

Identifying, eliminating or controlling heterogeneity is a fundamental principle in many statistical techniques. Heterogeneity and its opposite, homogeneity, refer to how consistent or stable a particular data set or variable relationship are....

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