Measurement and Statistics

Editor's Pick

Driven by Metrics

by Okes, Duke

Performance metrics are a necessary part of managing an organization. However, they have good and bad impacts on individual behavior, so organizations need to find ways to maximize the good while minimizing the potential damage....

Statistics Spotlight: Controlling Multiple Sources

by Hare, Lynne B.; Altan, Stan; Burdick, Richard K.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Three statisticians walk into a manufacturing plant. The first statistician says, “You know, 20 years ago, I taught them how to use Shewhart control charts here.”...

Discover, Devise and Deploy

by Holman, Charles E.

“Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave.” If you’ve been in quality for some time, you may have heard this quote from Eliyahu Goldratt tossed around when management develops metrics. With that in mind, consider this:...

Statistics Spotlight: On the Clock

by Seaman, Julia E.; Allen, I. Elaine

Estimation models are widely used throughout different industries to maximize efficiency and make future plans. Unlike academic research, these models may emphasize utility and ease of use rather than accuracy and completeness....

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