Trends and Developments : Food Safety

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Back to Basics: Sufficient Evidence

by Suedbeck, John

A U.S. Federal Drug Administration standard on quality risk management provides guidance for applying quality risk management to supplier evaluation systems....

Entire Digital Issue: March 2014

by Hankel, Amanda

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Standards Outlook: What’s Cooking?

by Schnoll, Les

The U.S. Federal Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act is another milestone in food safety—the latest step to supplement hazard analysis and critical control point programs that have been mandated for a variety of commodities....

Entire Digital Issue: March 2013

by Hankel, Amanda

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Innovation Imperative: Seize the Opportunity

by Merrill, Peter

I bought a copy of the Scientific American and skimmed through the articles during my flight until I came to Michael Webber’s, “How to Make the Food System More Energy Efficient.” He had my attention....

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Apples to Oranges?

by Surak, John G.;

Consumers around the world demand safe food. Through the years, retailers and food companies have pushed their suppliers to have food safety systems and improve on them. The drive started with suppliers being required to have third-party good GMP audits....

Before the Fact

by Mehta, Bob

The FDA has ratcheted up its surveillance and inspection activities on the suppliers of food and dietary supplements. Growing concern over protection of America’s food chain has been voiced by the FDA’s commissioner of food and drugs....

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The Right Ingredients

by Zaidi, Syed Wasi Asghar;

In Out of the Crisis, W. Edwards Deming writes, “Everyone doing his best is not the answer. It is first necessary that people know what to do.” To ensure people know exactly what to do, all activities within the organization should be system oriented....

Entire Digital Issue: February 2013

by Krzykowski, Brett

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Expert Answers: December 2011

by QP Staff

Survey struggles ... ISO 9001 vs. ISO 22000....

A Recipe for Safe Food: ISO 22000 and HACCP

by Surak, John G.

Although food safety experts maintain that the U.S. food supply is one of the safest in the world, three recent food recalls raise the question of how food supplies can remain safe in a global environment. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point...

Documenting a Process - With a Side of Cole Slaw

by Lynn, Leon; Kalfayan, John

Barbecue is an art, but it is also a process that can be documented and perhaps even reproduced. A dedicated group of friends conducted a controlled barbecue experiment in an effort to document the cooking method that has guided their efforts over the...

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Making It Look Over Easy

by Nelsen, Dave

Sunny Fresh Foods was the first food company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1999. The manufacturer of egg based products won the award again in 2005, this time applying in the manufacturing category, having outgrown the small...

Standards Outlook: New Ideas and Expanded Use

by West, John E. "Jack"

With more than a half million organizations certified or registered to ISO 9001 and 14001, many say the development of management system standards (MSSs) has ended. But wait; is this really where things end? I would say the answer is no....

On Today's Menu: Quality

by Rooney, James J.; Kilkelly, Jenny

Despite concerted efforts by the food industry to comply with federal food safety regulations, the number of food safety incidents has been steadily increasing. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a quality management system that...

Quality for the Long Haul at Gerber

by Hagen, Mark R.

For the Gerber Products Co., quality has been a major part of the company's history of trust, commitment, and goodness. Even as early as the original efforts of Daniel and Dorothy Gerber in the 1920s, attention was paid to manufacturing processes and...

An Integrated Approach to Food Safety

by Bennet, William L.; Steed, Leonard L.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9000 are compatible quality tools for the food industry. Although it can be a challenge to analyze and interpret the ISO 9000 elements, there are...

Quality in Commercial Food Processing

by Surak, John G.

Functions of food processing include improvement of taste, reduction in ingredient variation effects, and the inhibition or prevention of deterioration and hazards. The food processing industry in America serves the biological, psychological and social...

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement at Campbell

by Ouellette, Norman P.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs have fit well into the Campbell Soup Co. approach to quality and safety. HACCP is established in over 90% of Campbell plants, where compliance planning and implementation focus on production steps...

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