Measurement and Statistics : Information Management

Insurance Policy

by Minckler, William

Using a quality-centric approach, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in 2012 embarked on an initiative to create an enterprise content management system to manage, safeguard and accelerate the use of key informational assets....

Expert Answers: June 2014

by QP Staff

Driving service quality ... Evaluating equipment...

Expert Answers: February 2014

by QP Staff

Controlling documents ... Showing resources in an audit...

The Remedy for a Data Dilemma

by O'Brien, Colleen; Jennings, Sue

In 1994, Bellin Health volunteered for a pilot assessment managed jointly by the Baldrige National Quality Program and the Joint Commission. This assessment helped Bellin focus on developing an integrated measurement system....

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Linking the Supply Chain to TQM

by Matthews, Charles R.

In today's environment of global outsourcing, supplier quality management must transform itself from simply measuring supplier compliance to gathering knowledge, managing risk, and executing project management. Total quality management (TQM) ensures...

Challenges in RFID Enabled Supply Chain Management

by RFID study group at Pennsylvania State University

Supply chain management is the fastest growing application of radio frequency identification devices (RFID), but few organizations are equipped to deal with the accompanying flood of information. Most definitions of RFID emphasize the technological...

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Your Gateway to Quality Knowledge

by Nelsen, Dave

For the past decade, the Quality Information Center (QIC) at ASQ’s Milwaukee headquarters has collected and compiled material from quality professionals in academics, manufacturing and service to create a definitive quality body of knowledge....

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Keep Your Web Site Under Control

by Kaganov, Mark

Your Web site is one of the most visible and important communication tools your business has. In addition to making good business sense, effective Web site management can be a start to establishing compliance with the requirements for communication as...

Expect the Unexpected

by Kissinger, Bruce; Foster, S. Thomas Jr.

The Idaho State Department of Water Resources (IDWR), whose mission is to provide oversight for the management of water within the state of Idaho, recently converted its Cobol based ADABAS database system to an structured query language (SQL) server...

Six Sigma, E-Commerce Pose New Challenges

by Kendall, Jenny; Fulenwider, Donna

Companies feel a need to become more flexible and ready to respond to rapid changes due to the growth of e-commerce. Corporate systems for responding to such changes have the same role as that of the central nervous system in the human body. The...

Planning for Knowledge Management

by Shockley, William, III

Knowledge management (KM) can improve access to and use of information for decision making and fulfilling organization goals. Development and implementation of KM includes the following steps. First, create a culture that has long-term commitment to:...

Enhanced Quality Tools

by Draper, Earl; Ames, Michael

Visibility tools support the management of improvement projects while providing information to investors in proposed projects. There are three categories of cost effective and useful visibility tools. First, object-based simulation software can show...

Bearing the Gift of Royal Performance Indicators

by Engelkemeyer, Susan West; Voos, Richard

A story about a king and queen, their ministers and subjects, and a wise man demonstrate the importance of goals, objectives, strategic planning, and information management. The king is pleased with application of the wise man's plant-grow-check-act...

Measurements and the Knowledge Revolution

by Pearson, Thomas A.

Real-time delivery of valued knowledge provides strong support for enterprise operations. In the knowledge revolution, organizations can improve knowledge delivery with the right measurement and information systems. Successful organizations must use...

ISO 9000 Revisions Are Key to Knowledge Age Excellence

by Zuckerman, Amy

An analysis of the ISO 9000 process demonstrates its links with communication and information technology activities. These links are especially relevant for examining how the process oriented ISO 9000:2000 can help employees get ready for the knowledge...

Putting Quality in Knowledge Management

by Wilson, Larry Todd; Asay, Diane

Rapid access to expertise within an organization is a purpose of knowledge management. Quality professionals have critical leadership and educational roles in the harvesting of that knowledge and in the management of corporate memory. Knowledge is...

At the Crossroads of Computing and Quality

by Cortada, James W.

Information technology has and will continue to influence quality management. The early days of quality management, in the 1930s to early 1960s, focused on statistical process control. During that time, the computer eventually became one of several...

Intelligence Everywhere: How Technology Can Enlighten and Empower

by Daughtrey, Taz

Automation linked with human insight enhances quality deployment. Information technology and quality are means to pursuing organizational goals. They support evolution of the workplace toward the ideal of a paperless environment in which wisdom and...

Bringing Quality to the Masses: The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes

by Watson, Gregory H.

A comprehensive learning system supported by information technology will enable quality practitioners of the future to transfer their knowledge to entire organizations. The American Society for Quality Futures Team envisions the sharing of knowledge so...

Is the World Ready for Knowledge Management?

by Zuckerman, Amy; Buell, Hal

By regaining information management skills, such as those fostered in the Associated Press (AP) model, organizations can prepare themselves for knowledge management. Although advanced technology often supports a knowledge management system, its success...

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