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A Hard Look at Software Quality

by Rodriguez, Moises; Piattini, Mario; Fernandez, Carlos Manuel

Software quality is a key challenge for organizations because of its impact on final costs. At the same time, software quality can be a competitive differentiator an organization can offer to its customers....

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Efficiency Gets a New Identity

by Lin, Dennis; Wadhwa, Vijay

This article demonstrates the impact RFID will have on existing supply chain processes and the improvements RFID implementation will bring by comparing the benefits of RFID with those of barcode for various supply chain entities. The increases in data cap...

Quality in the First Person: From Pizza to Quality

by Ashworth, Bill

I was hired as a quality technician at TexTek Plastics, and the quality manager, who had vast experience in quality applications, was impressed with my diverse education and experiences. One of the absolutes I have learned in my journey is that the compan...

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One Good Idea: Compliance Requirement Matrix

by Chow, Alan

One of the best pre-audit tools is the compliance requirement matrix (CRM), which can be used to verify compliance requirements for any regulation. The CRM is useful at any stage of the quality system....

Nanotechnology: A Big Little Frontier for Quality

by Harriett Black Nembhard

Nanotechnology is a field of applied science that deals with arranging particles...

How Technology Enhances the Quality of Student-Centered Learning

by Cook, Jack S.; Cook, Laura L.

Properly used technology enables teachers in higher education to move from the traditional paradigm of teaching as a transfer of knowledge into passive students to the new paradigm of student-centered learning and continuous improvement for faculty....

Investing in the Future: High-Tech Solutions for Quality Improvement

by Chandler, Kevin R.

Quality of communication, quality of information, and quality of care have been improved at a small hospital through upgrading of technology. In quality of communication, the hospital has increased the number of personal computers. The machines have...

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