Quality Management : Risk Management

Expert Answers: December 2016

by Aston, Bill

Implementation of subclause 6.1 in ISO 9001:2015—actions to address risks and opportunities ......

Recognize, Rate and Resolve

by Fernandes, Christopher M.B.; Lambert, Brenda;

What do the nuclear power, airline and healthcare industries have in common? All operate in complex, high-risk environments in which accidents can be expected. How do the first two industries differ from healthcare?...

Entire Digital Issue: August 2016

by Hankel, Amanda

You are being directed to the August Digital Issue of QP. If your browser does not take you there click here....

Standards Outlook: Leaders of Change

by Aston, Bill

A case for risk-based thinking and organizational transformation....

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Quality in the First Person: Worth the Investment

by Vaidya, Jigish

Reliability professionals are often overlooked in the quality field, but their data analysis can save money and greatly improve the overall performance and outlook of your organization....

Standards Outlook: Prove It

by Guzik, John J.

How to demonstrate risk-based thinking for auditors....

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One Good Idea: Risky Business

by Barsalou, Matthew

Evaluate the potential risk of a project decision by including risk factors in your prioritization matrix....

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Beyond Tried and True

by Coleman Sr., Lance B.

Risk elimination. Risk management. Risk mitigation. These phrases are an increasingly important part of the lexicon of management as organizations strive to succeed in a business environment with global competition, diverse suppliers and new technology....

Running a Risk

by James J. Rooney

A process for seeing decisions’ potential risks and adverse effects....

Adjust, Adapt and Advance

by Snee, Ronald D.

Quality is on the radar of many organizations, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Quality pioneer Joseph M. Juran predicted that the 21st century would be the “century of quality.”...

Entire Digital Issue: May 2016

by Hankel, Amanda

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Innovation Imperative: Never Miss an Opportunity

by Merrill, Peter

Many organizations have approached ISO 9001:2015 implementation by mindlessly mitigating risk. Instead, they should go on the attack and think about opportunity first....

Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Mitigación de Riesgos

by Edmund, Mark

LAS ORGANIZACIONES DE VEZ EN CUANDO producen piezas no conformes y por lo tanto deben garantizar que dichas piezas no sean enviadas a los clientes....

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Back to Basics: Mitigate Risk

by Wells, Greg

Organizations occasionally produce nonconforming parts and must ensure defects are not shipped to customers. To prevent these defects from reaching customers, we need a foolproof process to manage products that are potentially nonconforming....

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Best of Back to Basics: Calculated Risk

by Sherman, Peter J.

A formula for balancing the cost of risk and uncertainty....

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Best of Back to Basics: Sufficient Evidence

by Suedbeck, John

A U.S. Federal Drug Administration standard on quality risk management provides guidance for applying quality risk management to supplier evaluation systems....

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Back to Basics: Deconstructing Risk

by Kumar Khare, Ashwani

Ten tips can help reduce procurement risk in an engineering, procurement and construction project....

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One Good Idea: Don’t Risk It

by Niles, Kim

Learn a four-step method for proper risk management. The benefits of conducting proper risk management easily justify why organizations must ramp up their assessment efforts, and this author’s model can make it an ongoing project....

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Pop Culture

by Edmund, Mark

WHETHER OR NOT the general public realizes it, quality is all around us, the quality profession is quick to profess. Virtually every aspect of society has been (or should be) touched by some form of quality....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Deconstruyendo el Riesgo

by Kumar Khare, Ashwani

Consejos para reducir los riesgos de contratación en proyectos EPC....

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