Quality Management : Certification/Registration (Management System Standards)

Expert Answers: March 2018

by Artan, M. Onur

certification bodies ask for the scope of an organization—including any exclusions—during the new application and Certification renewal stages, but you can declare an exclusion to the documented scope of your QMS to the certification body at any time....

Standard Issues: Troublesome Transitions

by Reid, R. Dan

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has released information on the most-cited IATF 16949:2016 clauses during initial audits for organizations transitioning from ISO Technical Specification (TS) 16949:2009....

Standards Outlook: Judgment Call

by Dunmire, Thea

Determining appropriate auditor competencies using ISO 17021....

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Standards Outlook: A Giving Tree

by Cressionnie, L.L. "Buddy"; Palmes, Paul

A metaphor explains how ISO 9001 drives the use of quality tools....

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Leading the Way

by Freeman, Robert; Drown, Jennifer;

The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 includes changes to more clearly address the role of leadership in an organization’s management system. Identifying this role can be challenging for organizations implementing the standard....

Expert Answers: May 2016

by Mehta, Pradip V.; Barnett, Andy

A roadmap for a lead auditor's first audit....

Standards Outlook: Where Is Preventive Action?

by Gaskill, Tyler

Prevention is emphasized through risk-based thinking in ISO 9001:2015. What does this change in emphasis, wording and direction mean? It depends on your QMS’s content and how it was deployed....

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Back to Basics: Just Do It

by Townsley, Rick

Quality organizations don’t always need certifications. Some organizations understand what it takes to be successful without all of the policies, procedures, work instructions and reams of documentation....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Simplemente Hágalo

by Townsley, Rick

Ser un organización de calidad no exige certificaciones....

Expert Answers: December 2014

by Barnett, Andy; Ramu, Govind

Pharmaceutical standards ... Clarifying ISO notes...

Standards Outlook: Common Ground

by Gordon, Dale K.

Accreditation by a recognized accreditation board ensures the impartiality and competence of the certification board (CB), and fosters confidence and acceptance of the CB’s certifications by end users in public and private sectors....

Expert Answers: March 2013

by QP Staff

Supplier audits ... Requiring ISO certification...

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QMS Certification: Down With Disillusionment

by Gyani, Girdhar

Conformity assessment and international standards that cover products and quality and environmental management systems provide mechanisms to ensure the quality of goods and services, but a recent survey reveals that the various certification bodies...

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Consultants' Style: Sometimes Less Is More

by Iossifova, Albena; Sinha, Kingshuk K.

When medium to small organizations decide to become ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 registered, they often rely heavily on consultants for training, gap analysis, documentation, and management system development. However, because consultants are expensive, these...

How to Fail the ISO 9001 Driver's Test

by Palmes, Paul

An ISO 9001 audit can be likened to the process of getting a driver's license when you think of the auditor as a department of motor vehicles tester who must examine your vehicle and its key operators before granting certification. ISO 9001 requires...

ISO 9000 In Service: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Scott, John

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began requiring ISO 9001 certification for its new business contracts, claims processing contractor Palmetto GBA decided to pursue certification for its existing contracts as well. Getting a...

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Narrow Focus Provides Widespread Benefits

by Funk, Valerie

The vision of the University of Northern Colorado's Monfort College of Business (MCB) was to provide Colorado's best undergraduate business program. To accomplish this, the college eliminated all graduate programs, including the state's largest MBA...

ISO 9001 Takes On a New Role – Crime Fighter

by Amari, David; James, Don; Marley, Cathy

In July of 2003 the Phoenix Police Department’s Records and Identification Bureau (RIB) became the first law enforcement organization in the U.S. to achieve ISO 9001 registration as a means of reinforcing its reputation as a reliable information...

A Software Company’s TL 9000 Success Story

by Nanda, Vivek “Vic”; Kelly, Tim

When Ulticom, a small software product company, set out to establish a quality management system it considered a number of international standards before pursuing registration to TL 9000, the telecommunications quality management standard based on ISO...

The Proven Way

by DiOrio, Louis J.

Proven systems engineering practices can help an organization move toward a standards compliant quality management system (QMS). The systems engineering approach starts with a top-down definition and leads to bottom-up design, build, and verify sequence...

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