Standards and Auditing : ISO 26000

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One Good Idea: Humans Are Not Random

by Phillips, David

Humans are poor at randomly selecting numbers, so to ensure randomization in your sampling, rely on the following excel functions....

Standards Outlook: Taking Responsibility

by Liebesman, Sandford

Social responsibility and sustainability are issues that have gotten the attention of most countries around the world, and they're growing in importance in quality circles....

Expert Answers: December 2008

by QP Staff

Get your boss to pay for training ... Three or six-sigma process?

Q: I’d like to know which process is better controlled: a three-sigma process or a six-sigma process. If the context of your question relates to statistical process control (SPC), then a six-sigma process is better controlled. Q: Will the new ISO 26000 st...

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Career Corner: Corporations Tout Social Responsibility

by Lindborg, Hank

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award has added “governance and social responsibilities” to its leadership criteria, codes of conduct are more prevalent, and ethics has taken on new importance in corporate training and business school curricula. In ...

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Making Social Responsibility the Standard

by Bowers, Dorothy

In 2003 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) responded to pressure from large multinational enterprises by forming an advisory group to consider the need for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) standard. The result is ISO 26000:...

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