Standards and Auditing : ISO 22000

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One Good Idea: Humans Are Not Random

by Phillips, David

Humans are poor at randomly selecting numbers, so to ensure randomization in your sampling, rely on the following excel functions....

Expert Answers: December 2011

by QP Staff

Survey struggles ... ISO 9001 vs. ISO 22000....

Expert Answers: November 2010

by QP Staff

Significant vs. meaningful ... explaining mean time between failures ... the importance of preventive maintenance....

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Strong Foundation, Solid Future

by Leonard, Denis

In the wake of the scandals five years ago that shook consumer confidence in business leaders and the economy, I co-wrote an article about the resurgence of social responsibility on the corporate landscape and increased public awareness on the topic....

A Recipe for Safe Food: ISO 22000 and HACCP

by Surak, John G.

Although food safety experts maintain that the U.S. food supply is one of the safest in the world, three recent food recalls raise the question of how food supplies can remain safe in a global environment. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point...

Standards Outlook: New Ideas and Expanded Use

by West, John E. "Jack"

With more than a half million organizations certified or registered to ISO 9001 and 14001, many say the development of management system standards (MSSs) has ended. But wait; is this really where things end? I would say the answer is no....

The pros and cons of sector-specific standards.

by Norris, Leslie

Paperwork nightmare, or increased benefits?

Sector-specific quality standards are requirements developed by a particular industry to address specific needs or requirements. As long as they [sector-specific standards] are based on the ISO 9001 standard, they are good. Considering their role in stand...

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