Quality Management : Total Quality Management

Working in Concert

by Mohamed, Amal Farouk Soliman

Over the past several years, there has been an emphasis on demonstrating the effect of intellectual capital on a firm’s performance or its productivity. The effect of implementing soft TQM on intellectual capital, however, has not yet been demonstrated....

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Total Quality's Leader

by Watson, Gregory H.

Remembering Armand V. Feigenbaum, integrator of quality into organizational management...

The Future of Quality: Customer Value

by Feigenbaum, Armand V.; Feigenbaum, Donald S.

This article is from the book The Power of Management Capital, available through Quality Press, item number P1026. Copyright restrictions do not allow its individual sale or its placement on My ASQ....

Hungary's Journey To Business Excellence

by Molnar, Pal

Hungary has emerged as a major European success story, its economy thriving despite the recent worldwide recession. Four Hungarian companies illustrate how quality has led to business success. Using total quality management techniques tailored to fit...

Column: World View: Hungary Adopts Quality Tools For Public Education

by Molnár-Stadler, Katalin

National government funds consultants, provides training and monitoring
The future position and role of Hungary in the new, continuously enlarging European community will depend to a significant degree on the quality of education in the former Soviet bloc country. Both the Hungarian Parliament and...

Is Time Running Out for Quality?

by Wilbur, Jay H.

Fifty years ago W. Edwards Deming and other researchers recognized the benefits that can be gained by applying scientific methods to production-oriented business systems. Their methodology is broadly referred to as total quality management (TQM). The...

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Bull or Bear?

by George, Stephen

Shareholder value improves as quality improves, yet while we may intuitively know that quality pays, there is no substitute for solid data. In 1988 mutual fund manager Jack Robinson decided to invest in companies that were using total quality management...

How Well Does Your Reward System Support TQM?

by Allen, Richard S.; Kilmann, Ralph H.

Many organizations' attempts to implement a total quality management (TQM) program fail because they are reluctant to make changes to their reward practices in support of TQM. Traditional reward systems focus on individual performance and do little to...

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Managing in Uncertainty: Lessons from the Underground

by Spindler, Garold R.

Corporate results can only be improved in the face of uncertainty if the management process itself is defined, developed, and monitored carefully. In some industries, including the mining industry, high levels of uncertainty impact results. In such...

Obstacles to Implementing Quality

by Salegna, Gary; Fazel, Farzaneh

Organizational performance improves when quality management systems are implemented appropriately. Inconsistencies in the records of companies using Total Quality Management have given rise to debate about the usefulness of TQM programs, however....

Quality in Nonprofits: No Longer Uncharted Territory

by Oosterhoff, Renee

Anixter Center is a nonprofit human-service organization that has experienced the 11 challenges faced by nonprofits. As a large rehabilitation agency serving people with disabilities through more than fifty programs, Anixter Center received a...

Total Quality Requires Serious Training

by Oppenheim, Bohdan W.; Przasnyski, Zbigniew H.

Simultaneous training of line workers and their direct supervisors is a key to successful implementation of total quality (TQ). A three-module training system is suggested. Module A covers a variety of topics that must be well integrated: an...

Don't Count TQM Out

by Hendricks, Kevin B.; Singhal, Vinod

A study of about 600 award winning firms examined the relationship between financial performance and the implementation of total quality management (TQM). TQM has been criticized lately as ineffective, a perception based on short-term thinking,...

The Case for Student as Customer

by Wallace, Jim B.

A change in attitude at Southern Polytechnic State University has come from thinking about students as customers and realizing that: this concept needs an operational definition; customer-students have choices; customers usually have responsibilities;...

Benchmarking Your Plant Against TQM Best-Practices Plants: Part 4 of 4

by Rogers, Hank

The Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Company of America plant in Newnan, GA is the fourth and final world-class operation described in a series of articles on quality practices. The quality organization at Newnan includes a quality manager who is a liaison...

Benchmarking Your Plant Against TQM Best-practice Plants: Part 3 of 4

by Rogers, Hank

The Tennant Co. plant is the third of four world-class operations described in a series of articles on quality practices. The total quality management structure at Tennant includes a quality manager, a senior vice president of industrial markets, and...

The Stops and Starts of Total Quality Management

by Hines, William A.

The journey to total quality management (TQM) at Techneglas started with a desire to develop an integrated approach to statistical process control (SPC). A steering committee and consultant soon expanded the SPC plan into a TQM implementation project...

Does Higher Education Practice What It Teaches?

by Vazzana, Gary; Bachmann, Duane; Elfrink, John

Business schools at four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. not only teach total quality management (TQM) to their students. They also apply TQM in their own administrative and support functions. But the schools and their institutions could do...

Getting the Most From an Over-the-Hill Body

by Gershon, Mark

Total quality management (TQM) tools and principles have maximized the author's training for the ten-event decathlon. Challenges have included the author's age of 40 when he began a five-year training regimen as well as the conflicting nature of the...

What a Wonderful World It Could Be

by Schulz, Dan

A community quality council (CQC) brings the principles of total quality management (TQM) into daily community life. It is a forum through which all elements of the community can use TQM principles to maintain leadership, create a vision, establish a...

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