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Sky High

by Paulise, Luciana

The ability to work in a “we” culture in which self-organizing teams lead is key to becoming agile not only for entrepreneurs but also for individuals working for innovative organizations....

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Feats of Strength

by Edmund, Mark

In today’s high stress, technology-driven business world, every organization is looking for an edge. Often, that edge happens as the result of high-performing teams that are properly motivated, organized and supported by the entire organization....

Huddle Up

by Merrill, Peter

We create teams because, as Ray Kroc of McDonald’s restaurant fame once said, “No one of us is as good as all of us.” Similarly, the genius of Thomas Edison did not reside solely in his own mind—he brought a group together to work at the Menlo Park....

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Perspectives: Beyond the Carrot and Stick

by Kaushik, Sunil

I have been a part of many quality projects and worked with several cross-cultural teams. If I were asked about which was the best work environment, I wouldn’t hesitate to reply, the “results-only work environment (ROWE).”...

Inside Job

by Wagoner, Keith; Khan, Rizwan

Businesses sometimes have no choice but to seek advice and consultation from outside experts. One financial institution in Radnor, PA, assembled a team of internal experts and advisors....

Catching Fire

by Liu, Shu

Teams can use the seven creativity strategies and their related tools to develop creativity to solve quality improvement problems....

Shift Into High Gear

by Hankel, Amanda

When customers of tgestiona began expressing dissatisfaction about the its inefficient service and delivery processes, it began a transport optimization project that earned gold-level status in the 2012 ASQ International Team Excellence Award process....

Surf's Up

by Edmund, Mark

In essence, a disconnect within the Telefónica Group was throwing off and disconnecting its customers from the internet....

3.4 per Million: An Everyman's Guide to Handling Data

by Conklin, Joseph D. ;

I have been an applied statistician for many years. Regardless of the industry or project I encounter, the most common request I get is, “How big a sample size do I need?” That one is usually fairly straightforward, but not always....

Seamless Transactions

by Adrian, Nicole

Customer service is certainly important to any business, in any industry. But when a company’s purpose is to process millions of financial transactions on behalf of its customers—who depend on the company’s speed, accuracy and professionalism...

Off the Ground

by Edmund, Mark

None of the 4,000 fasteners that were hand drilled into the fuselage of any C-17 cargo plane was misaligned or had gone missing. For years, Boeing has been building these top-notch planes. It just wanted to build them better....

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Incredible Journey

by Adrian, Nicole

In response to personnel’s safety concerns and rising workers’ compensation costs, a team at Boeing’s C-17 site developed a solution to thwart injury and save money....

Testing the Limits of Team Development

by Laman, Scott

The stages of team development are well known. Not as defined are practical techniques for moving through the process quickly without sacrificing performance. There are examples of how this can be done, including ASQ’s exam review workshops....

Building Task Cohesion to Bring Teams Together

by Knouse, Stephen B.

Traditional, homogeneous teams made up of members of the same gender, race, and age tend to be more cohesive and more successful and effective in problem solving, but such sameness can produce bland and predictable solutions. On the other hand, a team...

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A Quest For Quality

by Zimmerman, Roseanne; Smith, Rhonda; Fernandes, Christopher M.B.; Smith, Teresa; Al darrab, Ayad

Hamilton Health Services, a Canadian healthcare organization with a multi-site emergency room program, used quality facilitators in six continuous quality improvement projects over a period of one year. Quality facilitators provide resources needed to...

Lean Six Sigma Reduces Medication Errors

by Esimai, Grace

Medication errors are a serious threat in the healthcare industry. One mid-sized hospital interested in quality management in several areas undertook a Six Sigma project to determine what policy and practice changes might be needed to remedy the...

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Building Customer Satisfaction With Quality

by Sickel, William L.

Competition in the marketplace has forced Grayson Homes of Ellicott City, MD to refocus its operating strategy from a family company culture to a team culture stressing mutual respect. A new strategy with a business model approach was devised that...

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Effective White-Collar Teams: The New Quality Imperative

by Guttman, Howard M.

In nonmanufacturing environments, quality has not had the impact that it has had in production environments because the input, process, output equation is less visible and more difficult to measure. In today’s competitive environment,...

Offense and Defense

by Land, Thomas T.

To improve its quality, an enterprise must fight two battles. It must prevent new problems, such as wear and tear on equipment, increasingly stringent customer requirements, new product introductions and employee turnover, from affecting its processes....

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