Quality Management : Supplier Quality

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Chain Challenges

by Collins, David; Anjoran, Renaud;

The majority of American and European companies that manufacture products overseas have no idea what their supply chains look like or even how many suppliers and subsuppliers make up the complete supply chain....

Expert Answers: August 2016

by Sherman, Peter J.; Barnett, Andy

How do I convince a supplier to accept and produce material with a tighter specification?...

3.4 per Million: Voice of the Supplier

by Carnell, Mike

In the 1988 Jerry Bruckheimer film “Armageddon,” the character Rockhound (played by Steve Buscemi) turns to Harry Stamper (played by Bruce Willis) as the two men are about to launched into outer space:...

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Best of Back to Basics: Sufficient Evidence

by Suedbeck, John

A U.S. Federal Drug Administration standard on quality risk management provides guidance for applying quality risk management to supplier evaluation systems....

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Best of Back to Basics: Supplier Selection and Maintenance

by Arter, Dennis R.

The extent you go to depends on the associated cost, production and risk

In this case, identify those quality system requirements critical to success, put them on a page and include the page as part of the PO package. To control the goods and services companies buy, they must thoroughly define their requirements for the item...

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Back to Basics: Deconstructing Risk

by Kumar Khare, Ashwani

Ten tips can help reduce procurement risk in an engineering, procurement and construction project....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Deconstruyendo el Riesgo

by Kumar Khare, Ashwani

Consejos para reducir los riesgos de contratación en proyectos EPC....

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Super Supplier

by Namboodiripad, Vivek

How one organization created an audit program to improve supplier quality....

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Back to Basics: Sufficient Evidence

by Suedbeck, John

A U.S. Federal Drug Administration standard on quality risk management provides guidance for applying quality risk management to supplier evaluation systems....

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Quality in the First Person: Supplier Hugger or Engineer?

by Griffin, LaToya R.

The important dual role of supplier quality engineers is explained. They monitor the supply base, ensure suppliers are providing quality products, monitor supplier performance, evaluate corrective and preventive action responses, and perform audits....

Solid Base

by Ahmed, Afaq;

A petroleum and petrochemical plant consists of equipment such as pumps, valves, motors, flanges, pipes, turbines, tanks and pressure vessels. Typically, such plants rely on a global supplier base to procure such equipment....

Need for Speed

by Spencer, Karen; Helfer, Steve

Organizations must focus on key indicators and achieve optimal performance levels. They must define quality as it relates to customers and modify quality to achieve and sustain quality levels that maximize supply chain performance and quality management....

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No Weak Links

by Bailey, Bill D.; Alter, Howard

A global telecommunications organization decided to use the lean tool value stream mapping, along with the eight rights and seven supply chain wastes to better understand its complete supply chain and to help avoid suboptimization....

Entire Digital Issue: June 2013

by Hankel, Amanda

You are being directed to the June Digital Issue of QP. If your browser does not take you there click here....

The Power of Prediction

by Kruger, Gregory A.

Inconsistent supplier delivery can negatively impact an organization’s ability to serve its customers. Using quality and statistical methods can help predict demand and minimize the impact of supplier inconsistency....

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To All Corners of Kenya

by Darabi, Tiffany

Effective supply chains deliver products on schedule and within budget to customers. Those customers shouldn’t have to think about the behind-the-scenes process or worry about whether the goods will be delivered on time....

Standards Outlook: Keeping Watch

by Russell, J.P.

Supply chain management is important to ensure organizations can compete in the global market. Organizations continue to focus on core competencies, resulting in greater dependence on high-quality materials and services from suppliers....

Expert Answers: December 2012

by QP Staff

A better supplier scorecard ... Inspecting your suppliers ......

Reaching Out

by Blumenthal, Cynthia

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Middlesex, Jeffery Eugenides describes life at Ford Motor Co. in the 1920s, detailing how unskilled workers tried to match the calculated pace of assembly lines and a manufacturer that made almost every part itself....

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Reversing Course?

by Seibert, Jerry H.; and Schiemann, William A.

THE OUTSOURCING OF FUNCTIONS once performed by organizations’ internal departments has been increasing in quantity and scope....

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