Quality Management : Six Sigma

Open Lines

by Floyd, Sharon A.

Although we live in the Information Age with advanced technologies, most organizations still struggle with communication....

Six Sigma Solutions: Break From Routine

by Carnell, Mike

In early 1995, I was asked to be part of a group to teach Allied Signal employees how to do Six Sigma. I had no idea what that meant, and even less of an idea of how to actually do it....

Down With Silos

by Duncan, Linda; Luchs, Sherri

Penn State Health is an academic health system in south central Pennsylvania with more than 10,000 staff members across two hospitals (an adult hospital and a freestanding children’s hospital) and the College of Medicine....

Mobility Matters

by Cowan, Ryan; Norouzzadeh, Shaghayegh; Riebling, Nancy; Joseph, Antz; Doerfler, Martin, M.D.;

The word “mobilization” was first used in a military context by the Russian army during the 1850s. Mobilization, in that context, is the act of assembling and making troops and supplies ready for war....

Six Sigma Solutions: Hold Your Ground

by Carnell, Mike

In the mid-1980s, the U.S. government decided it would stop inspecting products and begin inspecting organizations’ systems. In actuality, we didn’t realize what a significant decision that was going to be....

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Come Together

by Marcus, Ryan; Harris, Michelle

The pod concept organizes employees in a single location by process rather than function. By relying on lean principles, pods help employees see a process end-to-end, receive direct feedback from the customer and gain autonomy....

Entire Digital Issue: February 2017

by Hankel, Amanda

You are being directed to the February Digital Issue of QP. If your browser does not take you there click here....

3.4 per Million: Monitor and Manage

by Breyfogle III, Forrest W.

In the QP article, “It’s a Process: DMAIC Helps Manage Diabetes,” John Jennings defined diabetes and the detrimental impact that this disease has on our population....

Expert Answers: January 2017

by Mehta, Pradip V.; Laman, Scott A.

Combating quality resistance ......

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Budgetary Bandage

by Sharma, Manoj

Process improvement approaches can be used effectively in combination with pragmatic application of clinical knowledge to improve wound care costs by targeting excess use in community care, a nontraditional setting for application of process improvement....

Under Advisement

by Tetens, Samuel; Southwick, Anegla; Bellardo, Jonathon; Adamczak, David; Manguson, Karen; Walters, Lisa M.;

When you write that check for college, are you confident your son or daughter will graduate? As your student continues to rack up loans, do you wonder whether he or she will get the education and experiences that will lead to a decent job?...

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ASQ's Six Sigma Resource Guide

by QP Staff

Special Advertising Section ASQ 600 N. Plankinton Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53203 Phone: 800- 248- 1946 asq. org/ learninginstitute ASQ offers a variety of both public and on- site Six Sigma and lean Six Sigma courses. com You don.t have to be a statistician ...

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Quality in the First Person: The Story Starts

by Watson, Jay;

This author describes witnessing the rise of the U.S. quality movement and Six Sigma....

3.4 per Million: Before Breakdown

by Conklin, Joseph D.;

My friend Ken and I go back more than 30 years. We met at Acme Reengineering. Acme was the main parts supplier to the local automotive engine rebuilding industry....

3.4 per Million: High Vantage Point

by Breyfogle, Forrest W. III

Organizations can encounter catastrophic events or major issues in which their products or processes result in major financial problems, damage and destruction, serious injury and illness, and even death....

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One Good Idea: Structure With Speed

by Danielsson, Emma

The secret to Green Belt projects is to fulfill the need for structure in a project without drowning in details. One way to do this is to use the cause and effect matrix in combination with a risk map....

3.4 per Million: MSA in Two Dimensions

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Introducing measurement system analysis (MSA) with single variable examples is good for communicating basic concepts of the subject....

Capturing Cash

by Aldowaisan, Tariq A.; Abu-Latifa; Hytham

Most Six Sigma applications pertain to increasing the efficiency of a key process by focusing on decreasing operating expenses and consequently increasing the bottom line. Few applications address an organization’s top line or revenue generation function....

3.4 per Million: Proactive Benefits Calculations

by Carnell, MIke

In the late 1990s, Six Sigma was hot. Everybody wanted to be a consultant, and everybody claimed to have been the consultant that GE used to attain its amazing results....

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