Quality Management : Process Management

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What's Your Next Move?

by Hansen, David

We want to solve problems, but how should we? Continuous improvement initiatives are deployed everywhere, and we use all types of improvement methods based on the scientific method to identify and solve problems, and resolve conflict and issues....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: En los comienzos ...

by Nelson, Dan

Se espera que la version 2015 de la norma ISO 9001 clarifique los requistos para aplica un enfoque baado en procesos a la gestion de la calidad....

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Back to Basics: In the Beginning ...

by Nelson, Dan

The 2015 version of ISO 9001 is expected to clarify the requirements to apply a process approach to quality management. A common question arises from those new to the process approach: “Where does a process begin and where does it end?”...

Better Together

by Schonberger, Richard J.

Four decades ago, process improvement was in the doldrums. A global bright spot was Japan, which contributed an impressive menu of original, borrowed, and adapted concepts and practices. One set of practices has gone by evolving labels....

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Looping in Quality

by Awofala, Dele

The quality loop framework provides organizations with a structured approach to integrating quality throughout the product assembly process—from the workstation to the customer....

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Back to Basics: Pyramid Scheme

by Weeden, Marcia

A framework for stronger standard operating procedures....

What Makes You Tick?

by Machado, H.F. Ken

Uncoordinated internal operations create organizational inefficiencies, a lower level of customer service and unnecessary delays in management decisions, resulting in increased costs....

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One Good Idea: Form by Design

by Coleman, Lance B.

Filling out simple forms should be easy, right? Yet, how many of us have had the experience in which a simple and easy-to-follow form took more than one time to fill out 100% correctly?...

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Perspectives: The Unending Search

by Stuke, Kurt

Recently, Stephen K. Hacker wrote that “many of our organizations remain mired in their current states, frozen in old mindsets.”...

3.4 per Million: No Specification? No Problem

by Breyfogle, Forrest W. III

In a column earlier this year I referenced a nine-step approach for determining an organization’s long-lasting operational metrics and how to decide where to focus improvement efforts so the entire enterprise benefits....

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Back to Basics: Team Effort

by Cascella, Victor

By paying attention to these six critical success factors, process management teams can deliver value and earn a position of influence in any organization’s performance management and improvement efforts....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Esfuerzo en Equipo

by Cascella, Victor

Los equipos de gestión de procesos desempeñan un papel vital al promover responsabilidad para procesos multifuncionales transversales, que estructuras tradicionales de gestión la organización basadas en modelos descentralizados silos luchan proporcionar....

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Back to Basics: Team Advantage

by Cascella, Victor

Process management teams provide a framework through which complex, cross-functional processes can be assessed and optimized. By focusing on these seven activities, process management teams can provide the value they are uniquely positioned to deliver....

Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Equípo En Ventaja

by Cascella, Victor

Los equipos de gestión de procesos proporcionan un marco a través del cual pueden ser evaluados y optimizados procesos de funciones cruzadas complejos....

Cover Your Bases

by Rowe, Matt; White, Brent

Recently, we were asked to give a presentation to a graduate-level organizational development (OD) class comparing process focused management (PFM) to OD. The request led us to conclude the complementary nature of PFM and OD is not well understood....

Moving Right Along

by Cartia, Robert

Art is knowledge kept in the artist’s mind. Science is knowledge that is documented. The goal of any lean organization is to transfer art to science: tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. Applying lean to aid in the process of control is vital....

Standards Outlook: Major Upgrades

by Reid, R. Dan

The new fourth edition of the Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (GM) Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Reference Manual, which was released last year, is a significant upgrade from the third edition published in 2001....

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Change That Sticks

by Spackman, Leon

Process improvement is gaining more attention as organizations face budget cuts, competition from developing markets overseas and a challenging economy....

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