Measurement and Statistics : Metrics

Expert Answers: December 2017

by Laman, Scott A.

I am trying to build a product quality scorecard that shows the quality of our product from a product development and production standpoint. What metrics can be used when assessing the quality of a system that has been deployed to production?...

Measure for Measure: Write It Right

by Gentry, Elizabeth J.; Harris, Georgia L.

Understanding nuances of metrics in technical writing....

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Best of Back to Basics: Which Six Sigma Metric Should I Use?

by Rudisill, Frank; Druley, Steve

Since its inception at Motorola in the early 1980s, Six Sigma has helped large and small companies solve problems, improve processes, delight customers and increase profits....

Measuring Confidence

by Shah, Dilip

When a product is manufactured to a specification, it’s measured for compliance at various stages of the process. Learn how confidence in the reported results of physical measurements is derived from the accuracy of the measurement device....

Expert Answers: July 2014

by QP Staff

Building an effective QMS ... understanding medians...

Choose Wisely

by Sharma, Mohit

How to select the right metrics to ensure process improvement success....

3.4 per Million: Operational Definitions

by Kubiak, T.M.

If your organization is like most when it comes to data collection or metric development, little thought is actually given to these processes. I mean, after all, how difficult can it really be?...

Measure for Measure: First Step Toward Disaster

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

Users who take it upon themselves to forego calibration without adequately evaluating the impact of their decision within a specific measurement application increase the likelihood of making a bad measurement-based decision....

Measure for Measure: Measuring Your Worth

by Bucher, Jay L.

I’ve run across this type of situation in which a calibration technician might feel he or she is not as important as others in the organization. Nothing could be further from the truth....

Measure for Measure: According to Specifications

by Shah, Dilip

My previous column discussed the averages and computation of different standard deviations. On the heels of that, it makes sense to discuss basic measurement considerations and specifications....

Expert Answers: June 2012

by QP Staff

Continuous vs. discrete data ... Get IT under control ... You must measure ......

Measure for Measure: On Average

by Shah, Dilip

Averaging measurements is useful. It’s better to take more than one measurement and report the average of the results. But reporting the measurement average has certain flaws....

3.4 per Million: Know What You Want

by Carnell, Mike

Having learned Six Sigma in the 1980s now creates an interesting box to live in today. Six Sigma was a strategy to achieve the corporate vision of total customer satisfaction....

Measure for Measure: True Meaning

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

The term “calibration” can mean different things to different people, depending on their education and experience, and whether they are suppliers or consumers of calibration services....

Measure for Measure: Best of Both Worlds

by Shah, Dilip

Some measuring instruments allow you to display either metric or imperial units at the touch of a button. This raises the question of whether two measurement uncertainty budgets are required for the different units of measurement....

Expert Answers: July 2011

by QP Staff

Calibration labs adjust ... Making your measurement system fit....

Measure for Measure: Keep Your Resolution

by Shah, Dilip

When estimating measurement uncertainty for a measurement parameter, it is necessary to take into consideration the error permitted by accuracy specification, precision and resolution....

Expert Answers: March 2011

by QP Staff

Explaining rework verification ... Getting management involved ... Measurement confusion....

Measure for Measure: Where Does It Say That?

by Bucher, Jay L.

I'm amazed by how many experienced, trained, professional calibration personnel do not know what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations say about calibration requirements....

Measure for Measure: Calibration Evaluation

by Shah, Dilip

What do you do when a supplier does not have accreditation to the required quality standard? How about when the particular test or calibration item is not covered under the scope of accreditation?...

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