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Entire Digital Issue: February 2015

by Hankel, Amanda

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Bank on It

by Monier-Vinard, Isabelle; Grant, Adrian

Credit Agricole Group's investment banking arm recently launched a lean Six Sigma initiative and identified its cash payments process as one area ripe for substantial improvement....

Entire Digital Issue: February 2014

by Hankel, Amanda

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Learning From Experience

by Behling, David

Seven thought leaders offer their take on lean’s impact, opportunities and challenges....

Get There Faster

by Andell, Jonathon L.

While traditional value stream maps, 5S workplace organization and spaghetti diagrams are crucial tools for the lean practitioner, they do not lend themselves readily to quantifying waste associated with transporting things throughout a facility....

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Expert Answers: August 2013

by QP Staff

Correction vs. corrective action ... Identifying and eliminating waste...

Dig Deeper

by Chadha, Rajeev

Sort,store, shine, standardize and sustain (5S) is a lean process for creating and maintaining an organized, clean, safe and high-performing workplace....

Expert Answers: May 2013

by QP Staff

Lean case studies from IT organizations...

Wasted Words

by Patra, Pradeep; Paul, Avijit

Lean tools are embedded with elements that encourage effective communication. Whether it’s color-coded work spaces or transparent parts bins, these tools foster an environment in which cycle times are reduced while raising quality....

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The Power of Positive

by Johnston, Frank C.; Beck, Duane P.

In his 2006 book, The World is Flat, Thomas Freidman cites the many challenges globalization puts on corporate life: changing political realities, social entrepreneurship and the effects of the internet....

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Back to Basics: Stakeholder Management 101

by Kangas, Philip J.

Stakeholder buy-in is an essential factor of any successful project, including Lean and Six Sigma process improvement efforts. A leading cause of project failure, however, is inattention to those stakeholders who have the greatest influence over...

Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Gerenciamiento de Partes Interesadas 101

by Kangas, Philip J.

Por definición, Six Sigma y Lean Six Sigma requiere del apoyo y liderazgo de la alta dirección. Sin embargo, una causa principal de falla en los proyectos de Six Sigma o Lean es la falta de atención de aquellos que pueden influenciar en la...

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Keep It Simple

by Dalal, Adil F.

In his book, My Life and Work, Henry Ford laid out the basics of the lean system. But, if he and others have been able to use elements of lean successfully, why does it seem so many lean and lean Six Sigma initiatives fail?...

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One Good Idea: Number Nine

by Navetta, Jim

Keeping the eight lean wastes in mind when creating a process flowchart is a great way to target improvement opportunities. But during the course of several projects, I’ve come across another form of waste....

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Leaning Toward Green

by Chapman, Christopher D.; Green II, Newton B.

Lean practitioners have long challenged employees to question why a process is performed in a particular way, whether it is necessary, and to shift their paradigm to implement a simpler, more efficient way to provide value to the customer....

3.4 per Million: Insight or Folly?

by Breyfogle, Forrest W.

In lean Six Sigma, much training effort is spent on conveying the importance of having a measurement system so that consistent and correct decisions are made relative to assessing part quality and process attributes....

Attitude Shift

by Young, Marc

In a used-car dealership group based in Richmond, VA, a lean culture change took place that started with a redesign of its process for reconditioning used cars and ended with numerous benefits, some of which it didn't expect....

Quality in the First Person: Make a Pit Stop

by Gould, Kirk, and Vincent, Chad

With each passing day, it seems as though the economy get a little worse. The stock market, unemployment rates and layoffs all paint a grim picture of the current state of the nation. While everyone is looking for an end to the economic crisis...

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