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Standard Issues: An Essential Ingredient

by Cressionnie, L.L. “Buddy”

Quality management system (QMS) effectiveness is directly tied to an organization’s culture. Some readers will vigorously disagree and search for the word “culture” in ISO 9001. It appears in clause 4.1, note 3....

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Career Coach: Reframing Strategies and Structures

by Lindborg, Henry J.

According to McKinsey and Co., about 70% of digital transformations fail. Historically, total quality management (TQM) has posted the same results. In 1994, Michael Beer reported that TQM’s failure rate exceeded 75%. Both were to be expected....

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Career Coach: The Value of Insult

by Lindborg, Henry J.

Some advice I received when working with failing organizations was, “Present quality as a lifeline for survival.” My response: “Good idea, but the organization must know it’s drowning.”...

Expert Answers: January 2020

by Wrestler, Denise

What if executive leadership ignores quality? I’ve encountered leadership that is focused on the appearance of quality, but actively suppresses it. What can a manager do in these situations?...

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My Quality Story: Emotionally Invested

by Cecile, Hope

Incorporating emotional intelligence into quality departments from the top down is crucial to success. Quality is tough to work in, and the quality department is the key to setting the emotional atmosphere in an organization....

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Career Coach: Predicated on Proof

by Lindborg, Henry J.

W. Edwards Deming famously asserted, “Hard work and best efforts, put forth without guidance of profound kno...

Six Sigma Solutions: A Sign of the Times

by Carnell, Mike

It has been 48 years since the Five Man Electrical Band wrote and recorded a song called “Signs”: “Sign, sign—everywhere a sign, blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”...

The Happiness Effect

by Carder, Brooks

The essence of quality is the application of science to business. W. Edwards Deming cited four branches of scientific knowledge essential for leadership, which he called profound knowledge....

Standard Issues: Stepping Out of the Forest

by Guzik, John J.

Isn’t it time to light a fire under your top management to get them engaged and caring about quality? In most organizations, they already do—they just need some help with the engagement part....

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Hard Wired

by Creasy, Todd

A favorite saying among U.S. football fans when describing their favorite teams is: “It’s not so much about X’s and O’s as it is about Jimmys and Joes.”...

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Fresh Faces

by QP Staff

Five years ago when QP unveiled its first class of “40 New Voices of Quality,” there was no shortage of standouts who were innovative, disruptive (in a good way) and, in general, making a difference in the quality profession....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: August 2016

by Barsalou, Matthew

Volviendo a los Fundamentos: August 2016...

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Back to Basics: Getting the Whole Picture

by Barsalou, Matthew

Employees should use completed staff work to ensure that their recommendations remain in context and managers are able to assess conclusions....

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Quality in the First Person: Traits of the Trade

by London, Calvin

Quality improvements often involve change management, which can be met with resistance from employees and stakeholders. Learn the four traits effective quality leaders have in their toolbox....

Expert Answers: September 2014

by QP Staff

Leadership, culture and quality ... Traceability in calibration validation...

Entire Digital Issue: May 2014

by Hankel, Amanda

You are being directed to the May Digital Issue of QP. If your browser does not take you there click here....

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Career Corner: Knowledge at Work

by Christopher, Rosemarie

There are numerous ways that knowledge workers can apply influential leadership principles and practices in their work to create stronger collaboration and better quality....

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At Your Service

by Schmidt, Megan

Servant leadership is a timeless concept that is especially relevant for quality organizations because of its relationship with continuous improvement. Organizations benefit from servant leadership because it creates more effective and innovative teams....

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