Standards and Auditing : ISO 14000

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Standards Outlook: Missing in Action

by Dunmire, Thea

Many of those reviewing the current draft of the revisions to ISO 9001—Quality management systems—Requirements, and ISO 14001—Environmental management systems—Requirements, are asking, “Where have all the documents gone?”...

For the Greater Good

by Badrick, Tony; Kehrer, Sue; Reid, Elizabeth

When the Coffs Harbour Laboratory of Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology in Australia implemented an environmental management system, it realized financial savings, reduced waste and improved operational efficiencies, and saw increased staff engagement....

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Consultants' Style: Sometimes Less Is More

by Iossifova, Albena; Sinha, Kingshuk K.

When medium to small organizations decide to become ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 registered, they often rely heavily on consultants for training, gap analysis, documentation, and management system development. However, because consultants are expensive, these...

Next Generation ISO 14001

by Briggs, Susan L.K.

ISO 14001, the international standard on environmental management system (EMS) requirements, has been undergoing review and revision for five years....

ISO 14001 Revision Nears Completion

by Block, Marilyn R.

International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO, Technical Committee 207 has released the draft international standard (DIS) for the revised version of ISO 14001....

Quality's Six Life Cycle Stages

by Leonard, Denis; McAdam, Rodney

A tool referred to as “quality life cycle” provides a strategic mechanism to chart and sustain quality while proactively countering shortcomings of its implementation, such as stagnation and limited application, which can ultimately result in failure....

Column: Standards Outlook: The White House Manages Green

by Block, Marilyn R.

Discussion of environmental management systems (EMS) implementation typically evokes corporate initiatives, such as the worldwide effort among many in the automotive industry to achieve ISO 14001 certification....

Column: Standards Outlook: Developing a new ISO 14001 reporting standard

by Block, Marilyn R.

Final guidelines expected to encourage external communication
The current ISO 14001 revision effort has provided an opportunity to revisit the issue of voluntary environmental reporting. Proposed language attempts to clarify the original intent by articulating two distinct points. The draft revision first...

Column: Standards Outlook: ISO 14004 To Offer Practical Guidance

by Block, Marilyn

More examples and alignment to be among the improvements
Like its ISO 14001 counterpart, ISO 14004 is now being revised. Unlike ISO 14001, ISO 14004 is in the process of undergoing significant cosmetic and substantive changes.
The most significant changes in the revised draft...

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Keep Your Web Site Under Control

by Kaganov, Mark

Your Web site is one of the most visible and important communication tools your business has. In addition to making good business sense, effective Web site management can be a start to establishing compliance with the requirements for communication as...

Column: Standards Outlook: ISO 14000 Revisions Likely To Be Minor

by Block, Marilyn R.

Recommendations make additional documentation, regulatory compliance and external communication unlikely
At the June 2000 annual meeting of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 207, delegates determined ISO 14001, Environmental management systems--Specification with guidance for use, should be revised. Interestingly, no changes have...

A Quality Swing With Ping

by Driescher, Robert T.

When John A. Solheim took over the reins of golf equipment maker Ping, he set out to find an established way to measure how the company was conducting business against an internationally accepted standard. Solheim and his management team evaluated four...

Industrywide Shakeout

by Pritts, Bradley A., Jr.

The Big Three automobile manufacturing firms in North America have raised the bar on quality performance requirements. The tightened demands are aimed at suppliers, third-party auditors, and registrars. Recent developments have redefined the direction...

Management System Standards Poised for Momentum Boost

by Daniels, Susan E.

Growth in the standards industry is driven by: the ISO 9000 revision; proliferation of sector specific standards; the importance of environmental management; and the future of health and safety management standards. ISO 9000:2000 will be completed...

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