Quality Management : Design of Experiments

Rain Gauge

by Fulton, Lawrence V.

The Six Sigma define, measure, analyze, design and verify process is appropriate for exceedingly complex engineering construction problems that require the use of simulation and design of experiments....

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One Good Idea: Designing for Accuracy

by Navetta, J.L.

For this column, I used regression analysis and design of experiments (DoE) to create a model for predicting production rates in a paper stock cutting facility....

Statistics Roundtable: Right Answer, Wrong Query

by Anderson-Cook, Christine

Recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite statistics-related quotes from John W. Tukey: “Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.”...

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For Starbucks, It's in the Bag

by Johnson, Louis; Burrows, Sarah

When voice-of-the-customer data showed Starbucks Coffee Co. needed to improve the packaging of its one-pound coffee product, it set out to learn the effects of process parameters on the key packaging quality characteristics....

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Retrospective Analysis of a Designed Experiment

by Yadav, Bhupinder

Design of experiment (DOE) techniques have been successfully used by India’s Department of Defense Production to optimize the process parameters for a plastic injection-molded part used in the manufacture of tank deterrents. The goal was to get...

Statistics Roundtable: Design of Experiments: A Single Experiment or Sequential Learning

by Anderson-Cook, Christine

Sequential experimentation lends itself to more efficient and precise answers....

New Frontiers in the Design of Experiments

by Kenett, Ron S.; Steinberg, David M.

Statistically designed experiments enable businesses to reduce time to market while achieving quality product performance that is critical to survival and success. R.A. Fisher first introduced them in the early 20th century to evaluate the results of...

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One Good Idea: A Sweet Way To Learn DoE

by Lin, Tony; Sanders, Matthew S.

To learn the basic concepts of analysis of variance (ANOVA) and blocking design in entry level design of experiments (DoE) courses, all the students need is a 1.74-oz bag of peanut M&M's....

Design of Experiments for Dummies

by Vandenbrande, Willy

Design of experiments (DOE) is not as widely applied in industry as it should be because it appears complex and confusing to newcomers. In reality, most test performed are one-factor two-level experiments that show how a system, product, or process will...

How To Analyze a Split-Plot Experiment

by Potcner, Kevin J.; Kowalski, Scott M.

Quality improvement projects frequently require experimentation on a process. In many real experimental situations, a restriction is placed on the randomization of runs that affects the statistical analysis. A split-plot experimental method involving...

How to Recognize a Split-Plot Experiment

by Kowalski, Scott M.; Potcner, Kevin J.

Knowledge of this method gives practitioners, particularly those engaged in Six Sigma, a way to conduct experiments more efficiently....

Improve Molded Part Quality

by Azeredo, Mauricio Bagueira de Vasconcellos; Silva, Sergio Sodre da; Rekab, Kamel

The injection molding process, while simple in concept, is complex in execution. Typical injection molding machines have many adjustable parameters that affect the quality of finished plastic parts....

Augmented Ruggedness Testing to Prevent Failures

by Anderson, Mark J.

Ruggedness testing, a form of design of experiments (DOE), can prevent failures in the processing and use of products by challenging the process, product, or method, then revealing how inputs change as variables fluctuate over ranges encountered during...

Using DOE to Determine AA Battery Life

by Wasiloff, Eric; Hargitt, Curtis

Battery factors of cost, connector design type, and temperature were tested for differences in time to discharge and voltage drop. The study examined randomly selected, off-the-shelf AA batteries typically used by remote-control model car racers. The...

Scientific Method: The Generation of Knowledge and Quality

by Box, George

Deductive-inductive problem solving and democratization of the scientific method are key to the future of the quality profession. Knowledge generation must be efficient and less fractionated, while making the most of human learning powers. Therefore,...

Small Companies Learn How to Design in Quality

by Gaudard, Marie; Schoof, Jill; Paterno, Joseph J.

The Design of Experiments (DOX) program at the University of New Hampshire is a partnership between industry and academia. Since 1992 DOX has helped 29 teams from small companies use designed experiments to improve their processes and products. Every...

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