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Quality Around the Clock

Readers share how quality tools and approaches
outside of work are second nature

It's in your DNA. It's how your mind works. It's what you do. It's who you are.

When you work in quality, you see things differently. You approach problems and scenarios in certain ways. It's not only when you're clocked in at work, but also after you've signed off and you're in your kitchen, at the grocery store, running Saturday errands, dealing with your children or planning a trip.

To remind us all about the value of quality and how it carries over to so many daily activities, we asked readers to tell us how quality makes a difference in their personal lives. Here are some of the fascinating, quirky and funny stories describing how QP readers organize their homes, prepare for weekend events and map out their days away from work by using quality techniques and approaches.

Don't be surprised if some of these stories sound a bit familiar. You might tackle a situation in a very similar way, but maybe you hadn't thought about its connection to quality. Likewise, you might find a tip or two to put to work in your own home.




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