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Sameer Chougle

Sameer Chougle

Title: Quality assurance head.

Ardiya, Kuwait

Being one of QP’s New Voices of Quality would seem to imply that an individual wants to spend his or her entire career in the quality field. Sameer Chougle doesn’t subscribe to that notion. In fact, he wants to take it a step further.

Asked how he thinks quality will evolve in the next 25 years, he said, "Quality would no longer be called quality. I foresee quality becoming an embedded part of the core process and not a separate control process. Every employee will be responsible for his own production, run it through quality control twice and forward it to the next process in line. The quality checklist would be a well-researched, stringent one, leaving little room for error."

Chougle is certainly qualified enough to predict such an outcome. In his relatively brief career, the 32-year-old quality management system (QMS) consultant and quality assurance unit head at Combined Group Contracting Co. has helped six companies in Kuwait earn their ISO 9001 certifications.

Beyond that, he has preached the benefits of waste reduction via technology in a region of the world that is "not so personal computer-friendly." Those efforts are also evident inside his organization, where Chougle tirelessly advocates for QMS improvements in the face of "countless hurdles."

He also promotes the use of quality tools, particularly the plan-do-check-act cycle. "It helps process owners understand their processes in parts," he said.

But his ultimate goal is to extend quality’s reach into the daily routines of every worker who wants to perform at his or her best. "My dream is to set up a training institution for the benefit of quality aspirants, to whom quality would be taught using extremely simple quality tools and techniques blended with technology," he said, adding that the possibilities extend even beyond that.

"I would like to be more vocal on issues related to quality than I am able to be right now. There is an intense need to spread the word of quality in the local community as much as there is a need to perform quality in organizations."

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