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Paulo Sampaio

Paulo Sampaio

Title: Professor.

Braga, Portugal

For Paulo Sampaio, the future of quality depends on the fulfillment of a simple mathematical expression: Future of quality = do it well x do it better x do it differently

“One of the reasons why I became a quality professional was a paper written by H. James Harrington in 1986 that I read as an industrial engineering graduate student,” Sampaio said. “In that paper, Harrington defined quality as always doing well and always better than the previous time. Those are the principles that support my personal and professional life—do it well and try to improve every day.”

The 32-year-old Sampaio works as an assistant professor at the University of Minho and at the Lusiada University in Portugal. He’s also a quality management consultant with research interests in quality management.

“My contributions derive from the research that I and my students conduct every day to help companies to better understand and better use the quality concepts,” Sampaio said.

“My research is mainly oriented to management systems and related issues, which, in my opinion, are areas where we need more statistical, deeperoriented studies. With my research contributions and as a quality professional, I try to help the companies and the society to understand that we will not have a future if we do not have quality, and that the future of quality belongs to us and depends on us.”

Sampaio, an ASQ senior member and Country Counselor for Portugal, said he believes it will be important in the future for top management and quality professionals to “use the same language” to fully integrate quality into the organization.

“Quality should be continuously understood, assimilated and implemented, both in public and private organizations,” he said. “However, each one of us is responsible to push and pull quality forward, always doing more and better.”

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