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Nunki Hartel

Nunki Hartel

Title: Associate quality engineer.

Company: Materion Advanced Materials Tech and Services Inc., Buffalo, NY.

Education and applicable certifications: Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Indonesian Christian University, ASQ-certified quality technician and quality auditor.

Quote: "Quality will not only be widely known in the product industry, but also in the service industry. It will be the No. 1 consideration over inexpensive, low-quality products or services. I am well aware of the stiff competition regarding the cost of production and price between high-quality products or services, and inexpensive, low-quality products or services. But inexpensive, low-quality products and services are not long-lasting and can be frustrating for the customer. In the long run, they will not be efficient and cost-effective compared with quality products and services. I am certain good quality will build loyalty and support business expansion. I also believe ASQ will continue to evolve and expand to be the global leader in the quality and reliability fields."

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