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Mohamed Helaly

Mohamed Helaly

Title: Engineer.

Doha, Qatar

As an international representative in quality, Mohamed Helaly said he believes that in 25 years, quality and continual improvement will be at the forefront of all production and service businesses.

"I believe that quality will be the most important and dominant sole feature in all business areas," he said. "With strong worldwide competition among nations to expand their share in the international markets, there is no way to survive without making quality a must for each nation."

Helaly, 36, is already well-versed in quality measures as an engineer for Qatar Petroleum in Doha, Qatar. At his current post, he has played key roles in a succession of large-scale industrial, infrastructure and institutional projects, such as oil and gas processing plants, and dams. He has also contributed to efforts in quality engineering and management, safety management project engineering, civil engineering and construction supervision.

"I accomplished my tasks by implementing the best practices in the industry, ensuring effective implementation of
the proper management systems, and adhering to applicable codes and standards," he said.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Helaly holds two volunteer positions—ASQ Country Counselor to Qatar and founding chairman of ASQ’s Qatar Local Membership Community. In those roles, Helaly’s aim is to help professionals in Qatar gain technical knowledge and skills about quality.

In the future, Helaly hopes to continue his quality efforts in business and in the community, even as the business environment changes.

"Twenty-five years from now, I’ll be still working in the quality field," he said. "I’ll always be enthusiastic about quality, and I’ll keep efforts on integrating quality management systems with all other management systems in my organization. I’ll be a fellow member of ASQ, and I’ll keep serving the society and its members wherever I am."

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