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Michael Simister

Michael Simister

Title: Order selector.

Company: SYSCO Intermountain Inc., West Jordan, UT.

Education and applicable certifications: Bachelor's degree in business from Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Quote: "A lot of the people I work with are young, carefree and impressionable. It's up to me and the rest of the quality community to impress upon them the importance of a quality mentality before the current system corrupts them. Teaching them how to understand the cost of quality and how it affects them is, I think, the best place to start. I believe that for quality to evolve in the ways we need it to, it is imperative that those in power understand what it takes. The future depends on our ability to convince the leaders of our companies, communities and countries the importance of quality and their subsequent adoption of quality tools. It all comes down to educating everyone. It's really up to us."

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