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Jonathan Altafulla

Jonathan Altafulla

Title: Quality Assurance Coordinator.

Miranda, Venezuela

Jonathan Altafulla knows firsthand how quality can have a direct impact on people’s lives.

As a quality assurance coordinator for pharmaceutical company Quimbiotec, Altafulla plays an integral role in ensuring Quimbiotec’ s products, many of which are derived from human plasma, are safe and meet quality standards.

“One of my most significant professional achievements— since I work in the quality area—was having to take responsibility for contributing to the quality of drugs that have a direct impact on the health of the population,” said Altafulla, 35.

“It was really important to transmit to the staff of the organizations where I work the importance of quality, the responsibility we have to our patients to provide quality products, and that each of us with our respective activities plays a key role in achieving quality standards. Quality is not the responsibility of a small group of people within the organization, but for all its members.”

Altafulla, a member of the quality management system implementation team and the validation system manager, not only promotes quality and related activities within Quimbiotec, but also throughout Venezuela. He also participates in quality-related courses and conferences.

He was one of the first people in Venezuela to become an ASQ-certified quality auditor, and he researches “the latest developments in regards to quality to ensure that, despite limited resources, our organization maintains the highest standards of quality,” said Lucy Cordido, Altafulla’s supervisor, who nominated him for QP’s New Voices of Quality.

And he doesn’t just strive to see quality in the workplace. “All the concepts and tools of quality are applicable at work and a personal level. Use quality for your daily life, and live your life with quality,” Altafulla said.

“Be an example of a quality person, and make a difference. This will provide a model for others to assume the quality and philosophy of life.”

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