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Jason Hawkins

Jason Hawkins

Title: Vice president, lean and special projects manager.

Oklahoma City

As vice president, lean and special projects manager at First Fidelity Bank, Jason Hawkins’ career revolves around quality. But it’s his ability to apply quality initiatives for change and improvement in other aspects of his life that truly makes Hawkins noteworthy in the field.

"Quality tools guide me into unconventional areas," Hawkins said. "Taking away the stigma of ‘we’ve always done it that way’ is done by using quality principles and strategies."

For the past 10 years, the 35-year-old Hawkins has focused his work in the financial services industry on creating efficiency in internal and external business processes. His recent accomplishments include developing a lean program at First Fidelity Bank.

"The goal is to enrich the culture to a level that demonstrates a commitment from all employees and an acknowledgement from management of the value of the changes," Hawkins said.

Still, he doesn’t confine quality to just his workplace. He is also a U.S. Soccer A-level licensed coach and serves as the assistant director for the Oklahoma Soccer Association, where he uses quality tools to grow the resources for the organization.

Hawkins says implementing quality standards affects more than 50,000 youth soccer players who pay membership fees to their local club. Strategic planning helps to maximize the association’s income, and results in improved service to the youth members. In the future, Hawkins’ goal is to show others the value of teaching quality and allowing that foundation to guide decisions.

"I strive to develop strategies that make a lasting impact on the people they touch," Hawkins said. "I am mindful of the challenges that come with implementing change, but I’m steadfast in the belief of the principles. The foundation of quality development is to teach rather than do."

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