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Jamison Kovach

Jamison Kovach

Title: Assistant professor.


For Jamison Kovach, quality is more than just part of her job.

"My commitment to quality is far reaching," she said. "Since the principles of continuous improvement align well with my personality, quality plays a role in most of the things I do."

As an assistant professor in the college of technology at the University of Houston, Kovach uses quality concepts and tools in her work, and also teaches them to her students as part of their regular course work.

"I am continuously improving my courses and instructional methods for the benefit of my students," Kovach said. "By using the methods that I teach, I actively demonstrate to my students that quality concepts and tools can be used in a wide variety of settings."

In addition to a doctorate in industrial engineering from Clemson University, the 35-year-old Kovach is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. During the last five years, she has presented research on topics such as experimental design and application of quality improvement methods for organizational problem solving.

"My contributions thus far to the quality field have been numerous, and mostly involve my teaching and research activities in quality engineering and management," she said.

"I am most proud of the more than 600 academic students and 150 professionals I have mentored on the use of quality concepts and tools through my courses over the past five years, and the countless other researchers and practitioners I have influenced through my research publications and presentations."

In the future, she plans to expand her efforts to teach quality improvement methods and problem-solving skills to non-engineers. In terms of research, she’ll continue to pursue the link between quality improvement, and learning and knowledge creation within organizations. She also plans to advance quality in practices of mental healthcare and education—areas, she said, that are "sorely neglected" in terms of funding and resources, yet "vitally important to our society."

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