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  • Audio: Listen to an interview with Lori Dellinger, cofounder of the Young Quality Professionals (YQP) network.
  • Blog: Read what ASQ CEO Paul Borawski had to say about the New Voices of Quality in his November 2011 post.
  • Network: Find out more about the newcomers making an impact on the quality world by visiting the YQP network.

When QP set out to find the individuals who will give a voice to the new generation of quality professionals, one of the hopes was that the group's makeup would lend insight into what the future holds. And if the final list of 40 is any indication, that future is rife with opportunity.

Of course, there are the engineers you would expect from any gathering of quality professionals. But the inaugural collection of QP's New Voices of Quality also includes vice presidents, professors and physicians, among others. And, perhaps most encouraging, they hail from many different parts of the globe, fitting for a feature published during World Quality Month.

Our search for the most accomplished, promising and devoted quality professionals under the age of 40 started by asking readers to nominate friends, colleagues and even themselves via an online questionnaire.

After gathering the responses, we enlisted ASQ's Young Quality Professionals (YQP) network, whose selection committee scored the nominees in three categories:  

  • Personal story. Is the nominee honest and impartial in serving his or her employer, customers, clients and the general public?
  • Professional achievements. Does the nominee strive to increase his or her own competence and prestige, as well as that of the quality profession as a whole?
  • Community impact. Does the nominee use his or her knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare?

The committee scoured the nominee forms for evidence of activity in these areas and returned with a list of 40 individuals under the age of 40 who exhibited the characteristics you would expect from the best and brightest in the field.

Check out the profiles from all 40 new voices by clicking on their names on the left-hand side of this page. You can also find more information about the New Voices of Quality and the YQP network in the links section. So dive in and get to know the individuals who will help shape the future of the quality profession.


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