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Elías Monréal

Elías Monréal

Title: Quality engineer.

Tucson, AZ

Anybody who doubts Elías Monréal’s commitment to quality need only take a look at the veritable alphabet that appears on his business card via his eight certifications—mechanical inspector, quality technician, calibration technician, quality auditor, Six Sigma Green Belt, quality engineer, quality improvement associate and manager of quality/organizational excellence.

That’s made all the more remarkable by the fact he served two terms as chair of the ASQ Tucson-Old Pueblo Section; is in the midst of his second term as director of ASQ Region 7, which serves more than 5,000 members; and spent four terms as an examiner for the Arizona Quality Alliance’s state quality award. And, most recently, he was elected to serve on the ASQ Board of Directors.

Those posts were most certainly earned by the 39-year-old Monréal, who builds his knowledge base and skills using everything from QP articles to his section’s educational offerings. "This is my continuous improvement model, and so far I have learned how much more there is to learn about quality," he said. "Likewise, I am eager to share my knowledge with others. I am deeply committed to this directive and hope to inspire others to do the same. The alternative is obsolescence and extinction."

Monréal makes it clear he expects the same improvement from the organization in which he has invested so much of his time. By meeting that expectation, he thinks ASQ can be the catalyst to success for everyone connected to it.

"During these tumultuous times, it falls on organizations such as ASQ to optimize services to its members, including networking, certifications, education, leadership opportunities and professional development," he said. "The growth of ASQ is the growth of our collective network. With all our dedicated efforts, we can bring real member value to our section, to our region, to our division and to our society."

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