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Daniel Bharadwaj

Daniel Bharadwaj

Title: Vice president of quality.

Jamesburg, NJ

You could say Daniel Bharadwaj has grown up in quality. In his 16 years of professional experience, 38-year-old Bharadwaj has gone from being an entry-level professional to a vice president of quality. In this role, he builds and leads quality teams that help implement quality and performance improvements in organizations that didn’t have formal programs.

Along with his professional accomplishments, Bharadwaj, vice president of quality at Billtrust, makes an impact in the quality community by coaching and mentoring quality professionals everywhere from ASQ section meetings to ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

"Daniel is a humble, yet great coach in sharing his quality knowledge with his staff," said Zancesca Spagnoletti, a former colleague of Bharadwaj. "He is a senior member of ASQ and has supported membership in ASQ for his team, and encourages them to pursue quality certifications for their own career growth and development."

In the future, Bharadwaj sees quality becoming increasingly important, and he plans to keep up by becoming an ASQ fellow and traveling globally to teach quality at educational institutions, professional conferences and seminars.

"[Quality will become] more critical to life as technology-driven products and services are increasingly integrated into human lifestyles, including embedding devices in human bodies," Bharadwaj said.

"Customers will ultimately influence the results of quality initiatives. Social media will be harnessed to showcase the impact of quality. Governments and corporations in developing and underdeveloped countries will embrace and support more quality initiatives to improve standards in products and services, and formal degree programs in quality management will be integrated into educational curricula."

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