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Brandon Coleh

Brandon Cole

Title: Associated executive director.

Company: Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY.

Education and applicable certifications: Master's degree in manufacturing management from Pennsylvania State University in State College, certified lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and project management professional.

Quote: "I don't have all the answers yet and probably never will, but I foresee myself supporting the continued complexity of quality by using data as a foundation to communicate priorities, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. If the various cultures across the globe are not integrated as part of this communication, we will never be able to fully capture the innovation available at our fingertips. This will require tools beyond the normal quality framework, such as increased cultural, social and emotional intelligence; an ability to break down cultural and geographic stovepipes; and the skills to influence change rather than mandate it. I see myself using performance excellence and quality techniques to act as a conduit for this breakthrough innovation."

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