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Asgar "Oz" Rahman

Asgar "Oz" Rahman

Title: Director of quality.

Madison, WI

Ask Asgar "Oz" Rahman’s colleagues about his accomplishments thus far in quality, and it would be difficult to find an individual who is surprised by his success.

"I recall the conversations he and I shared while he was pursuing his first ASQ certifications, and I was impressed by his earnest ambition to be the best in his field," said Rahman’s colleague Denis Leonard, who nominated him for QP’s New Voices of Quality.

As the director of quality at Rayovac/Varta Battery Co., the 33-year-old Rahman took charge of the $1 billion global organization’s quality efforts. That’s no surprise given his career accomplishments, which include:

  • Developing measurement and process control systems for the world’s first 15-minute rechargeable battery.
  • Leading a Six Sigma cost improvement initiative with a value in excess of $5 million at Harley-Davidson Motor Co. as the corporate Master Black Belt.
  • Building and implementing the quality function from the ground up at three different organizations.
  • Teaching hundreds of professionals the practical application of statistical quality tools.
  • Consulting on government and military Six Sigma projects.

"I have been fortunate to be given high levels of responsibility at a young age," Rahman said.

With an affinity for root cause analysis and statistical problem solving, Rahman uses quality tools to protect the customer and maximize return for the organization by focusing on defect detection and elimination.

"My passion is in the numbers side of quality," he said. "I hope to serve our profession by providing practical tools for quality professionals to express their problems in terms of dollars, rather than just units or percentage defective."

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