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There’s more to the QP Salary Survey than the numbers:

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Salary Survey 2013

Read Their Minds

In today’s competitive job market, everyone looks for an advantage over others seeking the same job and promotion. Something new in this year’s QP Salary Survey might give you an edge: an analysis of the qualifications, assets and traits hiring managers expect to see in candidates for specific job titles in the quality community.

by Max Christian Hansen

Open Access   

Behind the Results

The methodology behind taking loads of data
and making sense of it all.

by Max Christian Hansen

    Open Access


Career Corner

Career advice is available monthly in QP’s Career Corner column, including résumé preparation, how to ask for a raise and improving your workplace environment.

Careers in Quality

ASQ’s Careers in Quality is your all-inclusive website for quality employment opportunities. Looking for a new job? Peruse hundreds of postings from leading companies. Trying to fill a quality position? Register your company and search thousands of résumés from quality professionals.

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Take a look at our previous Salary Surveys for numbers dating back to 1995.


Whether you’re looking for a salary boost or an edge on your competition, check out ASQ’s certification offerings and give your career a jumpstart.

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