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2014 Salary Survey



Section 2.
Salary by U.S. Regions and Canadian Provinces

Section 13.
Salary by Geographic Location—U.S. and Canada


Section 3.
Salary by Number of Years of Experience in the Quality Field

Section 8.
Salary by Number of Years in Current Position

Section 9.
Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field

Section 19.
Salary by Gender and Age


Section 11.
Salary by Division Size, Organization Size and Location of Headquarters

Section 12.
Salary by Industry

Section 14.
Salary by Organizational Quality Infrastructure


Section 4.
Salary by ASQ and Exemplar Global Certification

Section 5.
Salary by Six Sigma Training Certification

Section 16.
Salary by Highest Level of Education

Section 17.
Salary by Highest Level of Education and Years of Experience in Quality

Section 18.
Salary by Exemplar Global Certification

Job Status

Section 1.
Salary by Job Title

Section 6.
Salary by Number of Work Hours

Section 7.
Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status

Section 10.
Salary by Number of Employees Overseen

Section 15.
Salary by Extent of Quality Responsibilities

Self-Employed Consultants

Section 21.
Consultants Overview

Section 22.
Base Earnings by Years of Experience

Section 23.
Base Earnings by Education and Training

Section 24.
Base Earnings and Rates by Age, Gender and Geographic Location

Extra Earnings

Section 20.
Size of Raise and Additional Annual Payments

International Results

Section 25.
Introduction to International Results

Section 26.
China Results

Section 27.
India Results

Section 28.
Mexico Results

Section 29.
Other International Results

Culture of Quality

Section 30.
Culture of Quality—Expanded Results



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