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2000 Regular Employee Results Page

Section 1.
Salary by Job Title

Section 2.
Salary by Number of Years' Experience in the Quality Field

Section 3.
Salary by Company Size and Location of Headquarters

Section 4.
Salary by Industrial Classification

Section 5.
Salary by Level of Education

Section 6.
Salary by ASQ and RAB Certification

Section 7.
Salary by Six Sigma Training

Section 8.
Additional data: Salary by job title, exempt/nonexempt status, part-time or full-time status, number of work hours per week, number of employees overseen, number of years in position and in quality field, geographic location, quality infrastructure, extent of responsibilities and gender; and the size of last raise and additional annual payments--for Canada and the United States.

2000 Self-Employed Consultant Results

Section 1.

Section 2.
Salary and Rates by Number of Work Hours

Section 3.
Salary by Education Level, ASQ Certification, RAB Certification, and Six Sigma Training

Section 4.
Additional data: Salary by number of years in quality field and as a consultant and by part-time or full-time status; and salary and rates by age, gender and metropolitan area--for Canada and the United States. 

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