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Expert Answers: August 2014

by QP Staff

Achieving division quality ... Clarifying calibration...

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One Good Idea July 2014 - Online Figure

by Goffnett, Sean

Template of an individual development plan....

Expert Answers: June 2014

by QP Staff

Driving service quality ... Evaluating equipment...

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No Weak Links

by Bailey, Bill D.; Alter, Howard

A global telecommunications organization decided to use the lean tool value stream mapping, along with the eight rights and seven supply chain wastes to better understand its complete supply chain and to help avoid suboptimization....

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Career Corner: Knowledge at Work

by Christopher, Rosemarie

There are numerous ways that knowledge workers can apply influential leadership principles and practices in their work to create stronger collaboration and better quality....

The Service Quality Platform

by Swersey, Arthur J.

A five-step framework helps service organizations lay the foundation for building a service quality program....

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Inside Job

by Seibert, Jerry H.; Schiemann, William A.

The relationship between business performance and internal service quality is well documented, as are changes in internal service levels over time and the impact of outsourcing on internal service quality....

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At Your Service

by Schmidt, Megan

Servant leadership is a timeless concept that is especially relevant for quality organizations because of its relationship with continuous improvement. Organizations benefit from servant leadership because it creates more effective and innovative teams....

On the Map

by Schmidt, Megan

The City of Irving, TX, engages the hearts and minds of its employees to drive world-class performance. It became the second municipality to receive a Baldrige award in the program’s 25 year history in 2012....

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Measuring Up

by Hankel, Amanda

What is, and what does it mean to your organization and your industry? What does continuous improvement mean for your country, region and community, now and in the future? These are questions that, until recently, hadn’t been answered on a global level....

Getting a Good Read

by Bruns, Todd; Bai, Rendong

The internet has forced libraries to focus on enhancing customer service through quality management. LibQUAL+ is a tool to evaluate library customer service and engage patrons as partners to close the gap between experienced and expected service....

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Back to Basics: Winning Them Over

by Becker, Jr., Steve

You’re the new quality manager. You meet the management team and it seems committed to quality and fulfilling regulatory requirements. You’re relieved. Obtaining buy-in is half the battle....

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Know the Why

by Ramsay, Owen

One of the primary reasons improvement projects fail is a lack of alignment with an organization’s vision, mission, goals and objectives. In an attempt to avoid that issue, a government agency in Guyana deployed a multi-tool method for improvement....

Healthy Returns

by Kennedy, Denise; Caselli, Richard J.; Berry, Leonard L.

The future of any enterprise depends on the quality of its customer service. All organizations—even those manufacturing products—are service organizations because all create value for customers by performing services....

A Service Framework

by Tyagi, Rajesh; Piccotti, Jen

To help service quality professionals negotiate the unique challenges they encounter, the ASQ Service Quality Division envisaged the Service Quality Body of Knowledge as an umbrella framework....

Standards Outlook: Group Effort

by Cressionnie, L.L. "Buddy"

When users think about AS9100, they typically think only of the AS9100 quality management system standard and not about the other products and services the International Aerospace Quality Group provides to the aviation, space and defense industry....

In the Spotlight

by Keathley, Jane

Based on what we know about the skills needed for innovation management, what quality management functions, responsibilities and skills can be applied to manage innovation?...

Eradicating Inconsistency

by Udell, Mark; Buffington, Mike

When most people imagine the Orkin man, they visualize a uniformed technician driving a white truck from house to house. What’s probably not as widely known is that the technicians stop at many places other than homes....

Taking the Wheel

by Goodman, John

Customer experience has become the mantra of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. In fact, more companies are trying to differentiate themselves not only on product quality but also on total customer experience....

Is Six Sigma Dead?

by Weeks, J. Bruce;

There are reports from the field about the death of Six Sigma. The word is that it has been overused, has not brought its expected benefits and that newer methodologies, such as the theory of constraints and systems thinking, are replacing it....

Online Tables Standards Outlook

by Liebesman, Sandford

Developed the following business process measures: 4 � documented results of management review meetings 5 � Customer satisfaction measures 5 � Measurable objectives used in product or service improvement 1 � balanced scorecard ( please indicate measures ...

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Reversing Course?

by Seibert, Jerry H.; and Schiemann, William A.

THE OUTSOURCING OF FUNCTIONS once performed by organizations’ internal departments has been increasing in quantity and scope....

Climb to the Top

by QP Staff

Who said it’s lonely at the top? For only the second time since the Baldrige program began in 1988, seven organizations were recognized last year with the nation’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence—the Baldrige Award....

Expert Answers: March 2011

by QP Staff

Explaining rework verification ... Getting management involved ... Measurement confusion....

Time for Action

by Kovach, Jamison; Hutchins, Holly M.

Action learning is a simple yet intricate problem-solving strategy that engages participants in issue analysis, reflective questioning, listening and feedback. Its premise is that the answers to most problems lie within individuals....

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One Good Idea: TREAT Your Customers

by Sedlock, Ron

The missing piece to the quality puzzle is service quality. It is the catalyst needed to activate the quality ingredients that produce the results you want....

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Perspectives: Warning! Warning!

by Weisbrod, Stu

There are five warning signs that are indicators of a change in corporate attitudes toward quality. Some of these can occur naturally over time as corporations become enamored with their progress....

Measure for Measure: Well Equipped

by Doty, Stephen; Caldwell, Del

If you're experiencing consistent customer dissatisfaction with your product, it's possible your measurement information may be of such poor quality that it prevents you from making sound decisions related to your product or service....

Seamless Transactions

by Adrian, Nicole

Customer service is certainly important to any business, in any industry. But when a company’s purpose is to process millions of financial transactions on behalf of its customers—who depend on the company’s speed, accuracy and professionalism...

Social Graces

by Burdick, Babette

Social networking is old hat by now, and most people dabble in it or participate with little impact. But social networking is an important means of branding yourself, your skill set and your company’s capabilities, products and services....

Test Run

by Ramu, Govind

In 2008, 14,906 people took ASQ certification exams, and 9,394 of these people—or 63%—passed. So how can you avoid being one of the certification exam takers who will not pass this year?...

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Spring Into Action

by Feigenbaum, A.V.

Last year, I was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. It was a great honor for all of us at General Systems Co.—and for all of us in the quality profession—to be recognized for our efforts related to total quality and innovation....

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The Right Move

by Barcellos, Paulo; Mueller, Antony

Shortcomings in both measurement systems and traditional methods for assessing customer satisfaction affect the ability of most firms to directly link quality improvements to changes in financial performance....

Dare to Care

by Godyn, Janusz

Healthcare is the third-largest area in the Standard & Poor’s 500, behind only financial services and IT. Considering the amount of knowledge, labor and materials devoted to the industry, there's no doubt healthcare is a major economic force in society....

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Building From the Basics

by Rooney, James J.; Kubiak, T.M; Westcott, Russ; Reid, R. Dan; Wagoner, Keith; Pylipow, Peter E.; Plsek, Paul

Quality control is about models, methods, measuring and managing. It’s about uncovering a problem and finding the solution. It’s about using the right techniques at the right time to make things better....

Standards Outlook: What's Really Important

by West, John E. "Jack"

By the end of this year, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is expected to issue a new version of ISO 9001....

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Back to Basics: A Call for Improvement

by Coifman, Harry

It’s a common perception that customer phone support is a resource-draining operation. This misconception results in many call center cost reduction projects but few process improvement initiatives. Basic tools can be used to improve a call center....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Una Llamada Para Mejorar

by Coifman, Harry

Es una percepción común de que la asistencia telefónica al cliente es un gasto de recursos de la operación. Esta idea errónea resulta en muchos proyectos de reducción de costos en Centros de Atención Telefónica....

Standards Outlook: TL 9000 Measurements Handbook Release 4.0

by Liebesman, Sandford

The Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum is the global society dedicated to the quality of telecom products and services. The forum has developed and maintained a single common set of telecom...

The Innovation Process and Quality Tools

by Walker, H. Fred; Levesque, Justin

Cost control and product quality are only capable of sustaining competitive advantage. It takes product or service innovation to create competitive advantage in a global marketplace. Innovation consists of a series of steps like any other business or...

Conformity or Sustainability? That Is the Question

by Watkins, David

Sustainability is an enterprise’s ability to survive and prosper in a rapidly evolving environment, and the essence of sustainability is performance results. Any expenditure of resources that does not generate value produces a net loss and impaired...

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10 Quality Basics

by Duffy, Grace; Payne, Graeme; Rooney, James; Hare, Lynne; West, John E. "Jack"; Borawski, Paul; Westcott, Russ; Okes, Duke; Guttman, Howard; Foster, S. Thomas; Conklin, Joe

In an overview designed to give quality newcomers a glimpse of the knowledge they need to succeed, ten regular Quality Progress contributors write on 10 basic quality topics that are fundamentals essential to surviving in a quality role. Topics covered...

Financial Control and Quality

by Stimson, William; Dlugopolski, Tom

The case for quality should be easy to make, but it is not always obvious to top management who must be aware of and control the corporation’s finances in order to comply with federal regulations. There are two aspects to measuring financial control -...

Benchmarking Goes to School

by Armstong, Michael J.

In 2004, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, started a benchmarking project to improve the quality of its housing allocation services. A multi-functional team began its work by mapping existing residence application processes to establish a baseline,...

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Internal Customer Service: Has It Improved?

by Seibert, Jerry; Lingle, John

A recent survey of organizations conducted by the Metrus Group shows a dramatic improvement in internal customer service (ICS) since a similar survey conducted in 1993. Respondents to the survey believe that high levels of ICS are important to their...

Deliver Great Service By Listening and Adapting

by Goodman, John; Collier, Crystal D.

The customer service systems of most companies worldwide are seldom adaptable enough to handle diverse situations. To avoid giving customers the impression that their contacts are a waste of time, an organization must have an actionable voice of the...

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Caring Culture and Results Focus Lead to Baldrige Award

by Goonan, Kathleen Jennison

For many years Mississippi ranked near the bottom of health status rankings, but now the North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC), the largest rural medical center in the country, is the recipient of the 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in...

Getting Credit for Service

by Haupt, Heidi B.

Experian Marketing Services (EMS) considers quality management a critical part of its commitment to its clients. Last year EMS looked to ISO 9001 certification as a way to extend its established project management program. EMS identified more than 100...

Emotional Intelligence and Six Sigma

by Milivojevich, Andrew

Emotional intelligence (EI), the ability to perceive, assess, and manage one's own emotions and the emotions of others, is vital to a project team environment and fits well with Six Sigma methodology. When time is limited, Six Sigma Black Belts must...

One Size Does Not Fit All

by Foster, S. Thomas Jr.

It has been said that academia has lagged behind practice in the development of quality management methods and philosophies, yet academia has done a good job of propagating these concepts. Now academic research has developed two new concepts that will...

Promoting Quality In Your Organization

by Okes, Duke

A 2004 survey of industry executives showed that while nearly all agreed that quality favorably influences profits, few had actually used quality methods. Quality professionals can play a significant role in supporting performance management initiatives...

Six Sigma Delivers On-Time Service

by Johnson, Kristen

Six Sigma success isn't limited to manufacturing organizations alone. ServiceMaster's American Residential Services (ARS) Service Express improved customer satisfaction by a unique application of Six Sigma techniques. After an initial learning period,...

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Change Healthcare Organizations From Good to Great

by Bodinson, Glenn W.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that the cost of the medical errors resulting in thousands of deaths each year and injury to thousands more is over $20 billion annually. While these figures are unacceptable, the good news is that the application of...

Six Ways To Benefit From Customer Complaints

by Scriabina, Natalia; Fomichov, Sergiy

Customer service is one of the few areas where service organizations can achieve an advantage in a competitive marketplace. Six ideas are presented to help organizations improve business performance through the handling of customer complaints....

Does Six Sigma Work in Service Industries?

by Patton, Fred

Service and manufacturing organizations have much to learn from one another when it comes to serving customers. While in manufacturing the focus on product quality distracts employees from customer service quality requirements, in the service sector the...

ISO 9000 In Service: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Scott, John

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began requiring ISO 9001 certification for its new business contracts, claims processing contractor Palmetto GBA decided to pursue certification for its existing contracts as well. Getting a...

Take Action on Customer Satisfaction

by Fontenot, Gwen; Henke, Lucy; Carson, Kerry

Quality managers use customer satisfaction research to determine their company's level of performance and to guide decisions about where to make improvements. The four commonly used models discussed not only provide a measure of customer satisfaction,...

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Service + Quality: A Formula for Growth

by Whitacre, Teresa

Have you assessed your career goals and skills in relation to the job market lately?...

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Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 9000

by Stimson, William A.

Critics say ISO 9000 doesn't measure up to robust quality programs such as Baldrige Award criteria, lean and Six Sigma, and they complain about the law's excessive documentation requirements. Yet by providing records and internal controls, the...

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PetroChina's Strategic Planning Focused on Quality

by Gao, Shengping; Li, Timothy

PetroChina is a consortium of numerous previously state-owned small- to medium-sized oil companies. Despite modernization efforts taken to reposition itself in the global market, PetroChina faced strong competition from both foreign and domestic sources...

Improving Service Quality at Honda

by Stottler, Wayne

Spotting defects in problem solving, decision making, or project management are fundamental to providing high quality service and support. As a provider of financial services, leasing support, and various sales and marketing-related services to Honda...

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The Growth of Risk Management

by Gould, Greg

The quality profession and ASQ were very successful during the l980s and '90s. ASQ surged ahead in membership, national prominence and public policy influence....

A PDCA Approach to TL 9000 Measurement

by Liebesman, Sandford

An approach based on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) improvement loop can be used to develop a process for complying with the measurement requirements of TL 9000, the ISO 9001 based quality management standard for the telecommunications industry....

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Can the Gurus' Concepts Cure Healthcare?

by Nielsen, Don M.; Merry, Martin D.; Schyve, Paul M.; Bisognano, Maureen

Representatives of the movement for quality in healthcare present the views of four quality gurus as they apply to managing cost and improving the quality of healthcare. Don M. Nielsen says Philip Crosby's emphasis on prevention and zero defects has led...

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Quality From Scratch: A Model for Small Business

by Duffy, Grace

Whether a company is large or small, quality programs are vital to assure customer, stakeholder, and employee satisfaction. Many small businesses, however, may find limited resources and conflicting priorities make the quest for organizational...

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Audits

by Russell, J. P.

Much has been said and done in the last couple of years related to organizational improvement and value added auditing....

Can TL 9000 Contribute to Telecom's Turnaround?

by Clancy, Bob

Since TL 9000’s inception near the end of the 20th century, managers and executives have harbored significant skepticism toward the quality management standard for the telecommunications industry....

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The Triple Top Line

by Smith, Larry R.

Quality and sustainability are intertwined and provide win/win/win solutions for both the short-term and long-term effects of design on social responsibility, environmental performance and business results. These elements comprise a triple bottom line....

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Get Staff Involved in Quality Initiatives

by Bolton, Mike

A case study in which a company in the public transportation services industry took on the issue of how a lean quality improvement staff could help the CEO aspire to new levels of business performance without a typical Six Sigma level budget....

Handling the Human Side of Change

by Balestracci, David

Quality efforts and their accompanying flurry of training activities continue unabated in many organizations. Many have morphed to adapt to the current crazes of Six Sigma and lean....

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The Message Is Clear

by Hopen, Deborah

This abstract is based on the ]In 2002, the CGISS division of Motorola won the Baldrige award in the manufacturing category. Through strict process improvement measures, the division was able to increase its direct customer loyalty, customer...

Improve Service And Administration

by Bothe, Davis R.

Variation in business activities is unacceptable and undermines quality. Statistical methods can be applied to all types of business processes to understand relationships between processes, then document and reduce variation. The several strategies...

What I Learned On My Business Trip

by Parr, William C.

Thanks in part to technological advancements and expectations that have been raised in part by companies, customers of all types of services are becoming more demanding. Customers also expect to be cared about as individuals and can harbor deep...

Lean and Six Sigma – Synergy Made in Heaven

by Bossert, James

The combination of Six Sigma and lean enterprise work can enhance the production experience. Workers have the empowerment and skill to recognize a problem and, if it cannot be resolved, shut down the line to eliminate the root cause. Six Sigma and lean...

ISO 9000 Makes Integrated Systems User Friendly

by Shipley, David

Organizations need management systems that are based on processes or activities that help personnel understand what is essential to achieving continual improvement on a consistent basis....

Systems Thinking – An Uncommon Answer

by Prevette, Steven S.

Some of the common problems to be found in many business failures include too much focus on short-term gains, too much focus on quarterly profit statements, and a prevalence of long-term losses. One possible solution to these problems is systems...

QOS – A Simple Method for Big or Small

by Keller, Carl W.

Although there are many quality initiatives in the marketplace, many of them involve a degree of hype. Ford Motor Company’s quality operating system (QOS) is recommended as one offering the most value for the money. A QOS assessment looks at...

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An Integrated Approach System

by Kubiak, Tom

What’s the best quality system? How would you answer this question? How would your colleagues?...

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Baldrige: It's Easy, Free and It Works

by Crownover, Dale

While many people consider the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to be difficult, a harder task is learning how to manage opportunities for improvements instead of managing known strengths. While Baldrige may not have the answers, it...

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Complexity Theory Simplifies Choices

by Okes, Duke

Many business management and improvement methodologies provide finite structures for achieving success. Examples include the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; the ISO 9001 standard; W. Edward Deming, who provided 14 points; and Six Sigma....

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Quality Management Multiple Choice: What’s the best quality system?

by Shipley, David; Keller, Carl W.; Bossert, James; Prevette, Steven S.; Okes, Duke; Crownover, Dale; Kubiak, Tom

Monitoring and recording the extent of transition experienced within a designated area assure Procedure ( general) Priority Reviewed Completed Record control Document control Internal audits Management review Corrective action Preventive action Monitorin...

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The Loyalty Elephant

by Hoisington, Steve; Naumann, Earl

There is an old parable about a group of blind men describing an elephant. Lacking vision, they must use their sense of touch to understand what an elephant looks like. Recent articles about the differences between customer satisfaction, customer value...

Understand Customer Behavior and Complaints

by Goodman, John; Newman, Steve

In order to maximize the value of customer complaint data to solve quality assurance, service, and marketing problems, there must be an understanding of customer complaint and market behavior. This will provide a framework allowing organizations to...

An Integrated Operations Performance Metric

by Reid, Richard A.

A case study demonstrates that a firm can improve customer satisfaction and increase its market share by initiating both quality and productivity improvements. The firm manufactures gift shop items in a major metropolitan area in the Southwest and...

How to Achieve Operational Excellence

by Bigelow, Madeline

Quality improvement systems can contribute to operational improvements, but they cannot eliminate operational costs arising from deviations and nonconformances caused by human error. In order to grow in today's competitive business environment,...

College and University Programs in Quality

by Johnson, Corinne, Compiler

A list is provided of more than 100 colleges and universities offering courses, programs, and degrees in quality related fields. The list is both alphabetical and geographical and indicates the type of institution and certificates or degrees offered....

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A Thing of the Past?

by Collier, David A.; Goldstein, Susan Meyer; Wilson, Darryl D.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), the most widely adopted framework for an interdisciplinary approach to total quality management and organizational performance, has evolved from the original model in 1988 to the 1992 model and the...

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Annual Quality Awards Listing

by Johnson, Corinne N.

Quality Progress' Quality Awards Listing is a guide to automotive, government, international, national, regional, and state quality related awards and awards programs. Awards listed must be quality related, eligibility cannot be limited to members...

Customers: A Love/Hate Relationship?

by Westcott, Russ

We are all customers of many organizations and individuals, and as such, are almost daily subject to indifference, neglect, poor service, and failed products. The American Customer Satisfaction Index trend line, which hovers in the low 70s, shows little...

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Developing a New Kind of Certification

by Hartman, Melissa G.

One of ASQ's newest certification exams, the certified quality improvement associate (CQIA), is a unique example of process management and response to customer needs. While most certifications are geared toward quality practitioners, CQIA...

Column: Standards Outlook: Add Value to ISO 9001:2000 Audits

by Liebesman, Sandford

The standard's revision provides the opportunity to help organizations improve the way they do business

Quality auditors have been criticized for not adding value to what they do for clients. The ISO 9001:2000 revision provides an opportunity to change...

Column: Emerging Sectors: ISO 9000:2000 Gives Competitive Edge

by Schoenrock, Todd Brady

Security division of business services provider implements standards to get things right the first time

Wackenhut's security services division has taken the initial steps toward becoming ISO 9000:2000 certified. Along the way, the division derived an unanticipated benefit--boosted credibility in the internal competition for...

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Don't Measure Customer Satisfaction

by Swaddling, David C.; Miller, Charles

Evaluation criteria for major quality awards and certificates require businesses to gather customer satisfaction feedback, yet few managers find much use for this information. Many fail to see a correlation between customer satisfaction scores and the...

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First to the Top

by Daniels, Susan E.

A small, scattered school district in a remote part of Alaska, a suburban school district near New York City, and a mid-sized public university have become the first winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the education category. The...

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Column: World View: Excellence Ireland's National Symbol of Quality

by Clarke, Tony

The redeveloped Q-Mark is both a symbol of quality and a brand recognition tool

Ireland's Q-Mark has been designed with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model in mind and goes a long way in successfully satisfying the processes element of that model.

While the Q-Mark is...

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Column: World View: Quality Movement Continues Growth in Brazil

by Miguel, Paulo A. Cauchick

Future expansion expected in small organizations and nonindustrial sector

Since the 1980s, Brazil has gone through profound social, economic and political change. To meet product and service quality demands and to compete globally, both private and public sector Brazilian companies had to make quality a top priority. ISO 9000...

What Do Customers Value?

by Gardner, Bob

Businesses frequently rely on customer surveys as a means of promoting an increased focus on customer outcomes and of stimulating improvements in the work practices and processes used within the company. Although customer surveys can be an invaluable...

Expect the Unexpected

by Kissinger, Bruce; Foster, S. Thomas Jr.

The Idaho State Department of Water Resources (IDWR), whose mission is to provide oversight for the management of water within the state of Idaho, recently converted its Cobol based ADABAS database system to an structured query language (SQL) server...

Annual Quality Awards Listing

by Johnson, Corinne N., Compiler

The annual resource guide is provided for automotive, government, international, national, regional, and state quality related awards and award programs. Awards are organized by type, the award's name and sponsor, criteria, contact information, and...

A Quality Swing With Ping

by Driescher, Robert T.

When John A. Solheim took over the reins of golf equipment maker Ping, he set out to find an established way to measure how the company was conducting business against an internationally accepted standard. Solheim and his management team evaluated four...

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