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3.4 per Million: MSA in Two Dimensions

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Introducing measurement system analysis (MSA) with single variable examples is good for communicating basic concepts of the subject....

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Perspectives: Well Rounded

by Barsalou, Matthew

The term “Renaissance man” is used to describe somebody “who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.”...

Necessary Measures

by Johnson, Louis; Deaner, Maureen;

Learn the difference between standard and expanded gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) studies and how expanded gage R&R helps clarify measurement system variation....

Expert Answers: June 2014

by QP Staff

Driving service quality ... Evaluating equipment...

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Paving the Way

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.; Borror, Connie M.

Data and information are at the heart of good investigations and decision making, but are all kinds of data the same? What are the major categories and types of questions to ask to collect and analyze data?...

Statistics Roundtable: Getting Graphical

by Borror, Connie M., White, T. Kevin

A company has six manufacturing processes critical to its business success. Management recently required each area manager to provide quarterly reports on the performance of their particular process....

Rethinking Treatment

by Muzenjak, Diane; Carboneau, Clark; Galagan, Robert

Changing and improving complex processes in healthcare settings are no easy tasks. They require a systems approach using a variety of quality improvement methods and tools....

Statistics Roundtable: Going on Feel

by Snee, Ronald D.; Hoerl, Roger W.

Customers consider consistent quality to be one of the most important product and service attributes. Often, it’s the most important....

Doomed to Fail

by Caffrey, Noel G.; Medina, Candace G.

Ben looked around his new office, happy to still have a job but apprehensive about his new position. He had just been reassigned after his boss’s boss, the CEO, decided the continuous improvement initiative he had been leading was just not working out....

Statistics Roundtable: Tried and True

by Hoerl, Roger W. and Snee, Ronald D.

A review of past Statistics Roundtable columns reveals that statisticians and quality professionals are always looking for better ways to increase the breadth and effectiveness of the use of statistical thinking and methods....

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Contacts That Count

by Daniels, Susan E.

A team dedicated to improving member contact rates at Healthways Inc. pulled just about everything from its lean Six Sigma toolbox while working on a project and was recognized in ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award competition....

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It All Ties Together

by Adrian, Nicole

At a time when gas costs have skyrocketed and companies across the board are doing their bit to be greener, a team of individuals from CSX Corp. came together to develop a solution to combat the large amount of fuel wasted while locomotives sat idling....

3.4 per Million: Use DMAIC to Make Improvement Part of the Way We Work

by Snee, Ronald D.

Faster, better, cheaper. That’s what organizations across almost all major industries must now do to remain competitive....

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It's in the Genes at Cummins

by Daniels, Susan

When asked why diesel maker Cummins used Six Sigma to explain new health insurance benefits to its employees, the response was that Six Sigma is part of Cummins' DNA. Six Sigma methods helped ensure a smooth enrollment process, particularly for union...

Standards Outlook: Developing the Voluntary Healthcare Standard

by Reid, R. Dan

The new Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) voluntary standard for healthcare delivery is in its second review, with an anticipated launch no later than early 2008. AIAG also is pursuing partners for the publication from the healthcare sector....

3.4 per Million: Measurement System Analysis For Attribute Measuring Processes

by Conklin, Joseph D.

To rephrase an old management proverb, "What gets measured can be improved." Six Sigma practitioners quickly come to appreciate the critical role of good measurement systems in initiating and sustaining process improvement. A good measurement system...

Faster Turnaround Time

by Pellicone, Angelo; Martocci, Maude

In 2004, North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) used Six Sigma to reduce bed assignment delay turnaround time that made it difficult to balance capacity needs. A capstone project revealed incorrect use of the hospital's bed tracking system. The goal was...

When Worlds Collide: Lean and Six Sigma

by Snee, Ronald D.

Facing unprecedented pressure to improve performance across the board, organizations cannot afford to forego the benefits of either Six Sigma or lean....

Tips for Automotive Auditors

by Reid, R. Dan

ISO 9000 has taken more than its fair share of criticism, largely due to the variation in international third-party conformity assessment....

Eight Essential Tools

by Snee, Ronald D.

The broad use of Six Sigma since its introduction in the 1980s has taught us much about how to make the best use of Six Sigma tools. Now we need to take a look back and reflect on what we’ve learned...

Roadblocks to Quality

by Munro, Roderick A.

The automotive industry has developed state-of-the-art quality processes and procedures, yet many managers and engineers still do not understand or apply the concepts of variation reduction or trend analysis. This results in the poor quality that...

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A Quality Major

by Sinn, John W.

The doctorate in technology management program offered by the School of Technology at Indiana State University is unique because it is a consortium of seven universities, with ISU being the degree issuing institution. The program provides...

Strive to Win the Game

by Kinnear, Rob

Many companies successfully certified in quality standards are having difficulty getting the most from their new product development (NPD) process. Automotive companies, in particular, are struggling to improve their bottom-line results. College sports...

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Simplify Your Quality System

by Godwin, Pat

It is usual in the automotive industry for companies to coordinate their quality management standards to the QS-9000 manual, the automotive sector derivative of the ISO 9000 series. The organization of ISO 9000:2000 is different, however, and...

Different Roads to Auto Quality: The Experts Speak Out

by Owens, George; Casey, John; Taguchi, Shin; Goeser, Louise; Mitchell, Scott; Bransky, Joseph R.

Product quality has become increasingly important in the automotive industry, but the definition of the term and the best ways to achieve product quality remain subjects of debate. Quality has been defined in a number of ways in the rapidly changing...

Linking Six Sigma with QS-9000

by Munro, Roderick A.

Six Sigma is changing the way the automotive industry approaches quality improvement. Ford Motor Company is the first automaker to use Six Sigma to focus on customer satisfaction, and several other automotive suppliers plan to use the approach as well....

Six Sigma and the Future of the Quality Profession

by Hoerl, Roger W.

A lean quality organization that performs supporting roles is a trend in the quality profession. It already has appeared in businesses like General Electric and the now defunct Scott Paper Company. The supporting roles are management of the quality...

Product Assurance Structure and Management

by Bieda, John

The main components of product assurance are: cost-of-quality management; just-in-time training; product assurance planning; and quality and reliability tool application. Product assurance applies simultaneously to hardware and software aspects of...

Continuous Improvement Through the QS-9000 Road Map

by Lovitt, Mike

The automotive industry has harmonized supplier standards. QS-9000 has international applications for the Big Three (Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors) and other subscribers. Released in 1994 and revised in 1995, the QS-9000 framework includes the 20...

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The Multi-Vari Chart: An Underutilized Quality Tool

by Zaciewski, Robert D.; Németh, Lou

The multi-vari chart is a key to identifying root causes of excessive variation. It is especially useful for inside and outside diameters, runout, and taper. It is applicable in service and manufacturing sectors. In a case study, a grinding operation...

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