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ASQ's 2015 Software Showcase and Directory

by QP Staff

QP 2015 Software Showcase and Directory The right quality software solution can open up countless possibilities to leverage your data, solve complex problems or just help your organization operate more efficiently. com InfinityQS is the global authority...

Being Smart About Parts

by Stevens, Nathaniel T.; Steiner, Stefan H.; MacKay, R. Jock

It was lunchtime, I was hungry, and so, of course, the phone rang. “Hey, it’s John from the foundry. How are you? We haven’t talked in a while.” John is a process engineer in a casting and machining plant that is a supplier to automotive OEMs....

Necessary Measures

by Johnson, Louis; Deaner, Maureen;

Learn the difference between standard and expanded gage repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) studies and how expanded gage R&R helps clarify measurement system variation....

Expert Answers: April 2014

by QP Staff

Coordinate measuring machine profile capability ......

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Probing Probabilities

by Hooper, William

Let's do a little experiment from an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1978. Suppose you are tested for a rare disease that occurs in the population at about 1%. The test is 95% accurate....

Measure for Measure: Are You Sure?

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

From a metrological purist perspective, measurement results reported with just an interval do not give sufficient information as to the uncertainty (unlikelihood) that the obtained results are within their stated interval....

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Expert Answers: July 2013

by QP Staff

Micrometers ... Quality indicators ......

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Paving the Way

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.; Borror, Connie M.

Data and information are at the heart of good investigations and decision making, but are all kinds of data the same? What are the major categories and types of questions to ask to collect and analyze data?...

Statistics Roundtable: Getting Graphical

by Borror, Connie M., White, T. Kevin

A company has six manufacturing processes critical to its business success. Management recently required each area manager to provide quarterly reports on the performance of their particular process....

Measure for Measure: According to Specifications

by Shah, Dilip

My previous column discussed the averages and computation of different standard deviations. On the heels of that, it makes sense to discuss basic measurement considerations and specifications....

Statistics Roundtable: Going on Feel

by Snee, Ronald D.; Hoerl, Roger W.

Customers consider consistent quality to be one of the most important product and service attributes. Often, it’s the most important....

Practice Makes Perfect

by Rich, David

Significant problems can occur during full-scale production when new manufacturing processes are poorly conceived. Therefore, it is incumbent on R&D organizations to employ effective procedures that ensure sound manufacturing process development....

Statistics Roundtable: Gage R&R Reminders

by Hare, Lynne B.

Major characteristic specification limits of a popular brand were 3% and 4%. Product with lower than 3% lacked consumer appeal, and product with greater than 4% had reduced shelf life....

Expert Answers: March 2011

by QP Staff

Explaining rework verification ... Getting management involved ... Measurement confusion....

In It for the Long Haul

by Edmund, Mark

When organizations experience rapid growth, the most important part of the business—the customer—can sometimes get lost in the shuffle....

3.4 per Million: Insight or Folly?

by Breyfogle, Forrest W.

In lean Six Sigma, much training effort is spent on conveying the importance of having a measurement system so that consistent and correct decisions are made relative to assessing part quality and process attributes....

Online Figures Jing

by Jing, Gary G.

QP 2 Pure bonding / online Figure 5 Part one Part one Part two Part two Left distance Right distance Step one Step two Heat DMAIC Mind- set / online Figure 4 30- 50 10- 15 4- 8 KPIVs 8- 10 KPIVs Critical KPIVs 3- 6 Key leverage KPIVs Inputs variables Mea...

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A Dose of DMAIC

by Mukherjee, Shirshendu

Ruby hospital, a multispecialty for-profit facility in Calcutta, India, was the first in Eastern India to embrace ISO 9001 and is the only one in the country to have successfully deployed a Six Sigma improvement program....

Quality Glossary

by Nelsen, Dave

Five years after it published its first glossary of quality terms, ASQ has revised that glossary with updated definitions and new entries, many from the lean glossary published in 2005. This reference of terms, acronyms, and prominent figures in the...

Statistics Roundtable: Process Variation: Enemy and Opportunity

by Snee, Ronald D.

As the giants of scientific management and the quality movement long ago pointed out, work takes place in a series of interconnected processes....

Lean Inspection Through Supplier Partnership

by Ericson, Joel

Incoming inspection is a nonvalue-added activity that does not improve a product, but only identifies products that do not meet standards. One way to reduce incoming inspection is to move from traditional sample inspection to a system in which the...

Standards Outlook: Supply Chain Management Remains Aerospace Challenge

by Gordon, Dale K.

The aerospace industry is in the process of shedding new light on the customer-supplier relationship, especially in the never ending quest to deliver defect free, safe and reliable product....

The Histogram for Complex Parts

by Vermani, S.K.

In the aerospace industry, production and procurement usually consists of infrequent lots of complex parts with relatively small lot sizes. Data are often insufficient to implement standard process assessment techniques. In these situations, a percent...

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Measure for Measure: Improved Gage R&R Measurement Studies

by Ermer, Donald

Many manufacturers are using tools like statistical process control (SPC) and design of experiments (DoE) to monitor and improve product quality and process productivity. However, if the data collected are not accurate and precise, they do not...

Quality in the First Person: Perfectionists Make Bad Machinists

by Ellis, Charles J.

I entered the strange and wonderful world of quality in 1985. Previously, I was a machine operator in an industrial shock absorber factory. I cut chrome plated rod and operated two computer numerical control (CNC) machines....

Are You Making Decisions in a Fog?

by Snee, Ronald D.

Just as water makes up two thirds of the world's surface, measurement constitutes an enormous part of the scientific method and scientific problem solving....

Tips for Automotive Auditors

by Reid, R. Dan

ISO 9000 has taken more than its fair share of criticism, largely due to the variation in international third-party conformity assessment....

Flip the Clip

by Johnson, Kevin L.

In all the discussion and debate about what Six Sigma means, one thing remains clear: Six Sigma is a broad subject. It is daunting for us trainers to try and produce experts called Black Belts (BBs)....

Measurement Capability

by Stein, Philip

Measurements are made all the time: in processes, to see how well work is progressing and in commerce. Most of the time, we trust these measurements are adequate for the task....

Eight Essential Tools

by Snee, Ronald D.

The broad use of Six Sigma since its introduction in the 1980s has taught us much about how to make the best use of Six Sigma tools. Now we need to take a look back and reflect on what we’ve learned...

A Quality Way To Lose Weight

by Jochums, Matthew V.

I have seen the light! Quality tools can be a way to improve personal lives....

Column: Standards Outlook: Purchaser and Supplier Quality

by Reid, R. Dan

Going beyond ISO 9001, QS-9000 and TS 16949

For quality to happen, quality control from the supplier's perspective is necessary. But evidence indicates suppliers do not always pursue the actions needed for quality improvement. Quality practitioners...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Design for Six Sigma

by Mader, Douglas P.

You need more than standard Six Sigma approaches to optimize your product or service development

Many organizations believe design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a design process when really it is not. DFSS is an enhancement to an existing new product development (NPD) process that provides more...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Something's Missing

by Voelkel, Joseph G.

An education in statistical methods will make employees more valuable to Six Sigma corporations

Education "implies development of the mind" while training "stresses instruction and drill with a specific end in view." The most effective further development of a Six Sigma program will necessarily involve well-informed...

Column: Statistics Roundtable: My Process Is Too Variable--Now What Do I Do?

by Snee, Ronald D.

Keys to success are comprised of understanding the process, selecting the right variables, designing the right sampling scheme, carefully collecting the data according to the plan and doing a careful analysis that pays close attention to the limitations...

My process is too variable--now what do I do?

by Snee, Ronald D.

How to produce and use a successful multi-vari study

How to produce and use a successful multi- vari study by Ronald D. Snee Process Schematic FIGURE 1 The process Process outputs Controlled variables Customer Process inputs Uncontrolled noise variables Manufacturing Process Variables TABLE 1 Process input...

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Widgetcraft for One Small Paint Company

by Brody, Andrew M.

Marcus Paint Co., a small company specializing in the manufacture of custom formulated coatings for metal products in original equipment manufacturing, implemented QS-9000 to satisfy customer requirements. Despite initial misgivings, senior management...

A case study demonstrates the value of ISO 9000 derivatives.

by Gordon, Dale K.

Case study shows different needs exist when safety is at stake

Consequently, BIG Parts missed all the customer flowdown supplier control issues and production inspection requirements such as sampling plans and gage verifications prior to production. While there were procedures and processes in place to trace critical...

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