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Under Advisement

by Tetens, Samuel; Southwick, Anegla; Bellardo, Jonathon; Adamczak, David; Manguson, Karen; Walters, Lisa M.;

When you write that check for college, are you confident your son or daughter will graduate? As your student continues to rack up loans, do you wonder whether he or she will get the education and experiences that will lead to a decent job?...

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Career Corner: Management vs. Punishment

by Lindborg, Henry J.

Many millennials seek workplaces with Darwinist cultures for high-level challenges. They don’t, however, expect long careers under such pressure, and organizations should determine whether they’ve focused enough on how their managers are managing staff....

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Career Corner: An Honest Effect

by Whitacre, Teresa

In your career, it is better to experience a lesser reward for your own merits than rising to the top by standing on the shoulders of your peers. Integrity and ethics are fundamentals of long-remembered careers....

Passion Project

by Foo, Luke T.

During my visit, I met with members of the organization’s management team: Angela Zammit, marketing specialist; Fan-Chia Tao, director of R&D; Brian Johnson, senior product specialist; Liz Crew, product specialist; and Dan Damon, process engineer. All of ...

Outside Influence

by O'Connor, Jim; Hayler, Eric; Ellis, Tim;

A South Carolina university and BMW summer camp taught students the real-world side of science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers and quality tool applications. Students also took part in a campus tour of USC Upstate and the BMW factory in G...

Inside Job

by Wagoner, Keith; Khan, Rizwan

Businesses sometimes have no choice but to seek advice and consultation from outside experts. One financial institution in Radnor, PA, assembled a team of internal experts and advisors....

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Career Corner: Commodity or Contributor?

by Christopher, Rosemarie

According to Gallup, 70% of us are disengaged at work, costing U.S. organizations half a trillion (not a typo) dollars a year. If you are reading this column, you are most likely one of the 30% of U.S. workers who are proactively engaged in their work....

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Salary Survey 2014: Satisfaction Not Guaranteed?

by Hansen, Max Christian

Are you happy with your salary? When we asked that question in this year’s QP Salary Survey, 61% of respondents answered in the affirmative. Another 10.7% were neutral and noncommittal, while 28.3% said they were dissatisfied....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 8. Salary by Number of Years in Current Position

by Hansen, Max Christian

Experience in the quality profession is a fairly good predictor of salary (see “Section 3. Salary by Number of Years of Experience in the Quality Field”), but the number of years a professional has been in his or her current position is not....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 3, Section 26. China Results

by Hansen, Max Christian

This was the first year in which the QP Salary Survey was translated into Chinese. Invitations to take the translated, targeted survey were emailed to 271 ASQ members. Of the 78 responses, 56 were complete and usable....

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Step It Up

by Grigg, Alfred; Hirt, Michael; Laman, Scott A.; Marmon, Jerry; and McShane Vaughn, Mary

SITTING IS THE new smoking. The more you sit and stagnate, some doctors say, the poorer the outlook is on your health and even life expectancy—regardless of how fit you think you are....

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Blog Boom

by Calfa, Jimena; Graban, Mark; Hunter, John; Stepniowski, Jennifer J.; and Zrymiak, Daniel

Back in the late 1990s—well before 140-character Tweets, before Facebook posts and before LinkedIn discussions—there was the blog. Register at any number of blogging sites and you could set up your own personal or professional website....

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Making Connections

by Brown, Marshall

Whether you’re searching for a job or not, building a network of professional connections is important for career development....

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Quality in the First Person: Pay It Forward

by Ramu, Govind

Helping professionals on their ASQ certification journeys and improving their careers gives this ASQ member a sense of fulfillment....

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Quality in the First Person: Well Rounded

by Winney, Brice

Manage your personal and professional worlds....

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Career Corner: Serve and Learn

by Lindborg, Henry J.

Board membership is a meaningful way to grow....

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Career Corner: Switch Gears

by Westcott, Russell

Beat job boredom and burnout with reinvention....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 1, Section 15. Salary by Extent of Quality Responsibilities

by Hansen, Max Christian

In QP’s quality survey, respondents are asked: “In your company, how many people do you think have quality responsibilities stated in their job descriptions?” In 2009, a majority noted a figure of 25% or less....

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Career Corner: Know Your Worth

by Christopher, Rosemarie

Successful professionals know what they want and how to get it....

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Perspectives: Action Required

by Veenstra, Cindy P.; Walters, Glenn

IN ITS EFFORT to advance ideas, research and practice in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and workforce, ASQ’s Education Division co-sponsored the third annual Advancing the STEM Agenda Conference earlier this year....

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Quality in the First Person: Get a Job

by Cote, Murray

Professor encourages students to seek certification....

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Career Corner: The Gift of Growth

by ReVelle, Jack

For both mentors and mentees, mentorship is an invaluable experience....

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Career Corner: Put Yourself in the Hot Seat

by Whitacre, Teresa

Auditing is a big part of many quality professionals’ careers. We audit our suppliers and we perform internal audits. Some of us even participate in third-party audits. How many of us, though, have audited our career paths?...

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by Richardson, Robb

As quality professionals, we are comfortable in discussing both the health of a process and how to improve it using the tools of our trade. Yet, when it comes to applying those same approaches to our own performances, many of us are far less comfortable....

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Career Corner: An Age-old Problem

by Conklin, Joseph D.

When coaching younger generations in the workforce, one size does not fit all. Career Corner columnist Joseph Conklin provides tips for navigating a multigenerational workforce....

Why Certify?

by Laman, Scott A.; Korkuch, Dana; Kohler, Rene; Drobnick, Rudy; Kramer, Robin; Gardner, Pete; DiPuppo, Janet G.; Krothapalli, Sowmya;

These stories are told by people at different stages of their careers. One of the things they have in common, however, is they’ve carefully considered the costs and benefits of ASQ certification....

Standards Outlook: Corrective Action Challenge

by Reid, R. Dan

The purpose of corrective action is to prevent the recurrence of the problem. There are usually many actions that can be taken to address the problem, ranging from incremental changes to innovative solutions....

Measure for Measure: Measuring Your Worth

by Bucher, Jay L.

I’ve run across this type of situation in which a calibration technician might feel he or she is not as important as others in the organization. Nothing could be further from the truth....

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Career Corner: Mapping the Future

by Whitacre, Teresa

As quality professionals, one technique we are all taught is change management. But how we learn to embrace and manage change doesn’t just apply to our job tasks and duties. Career development also requires applying a change management process....

The Brand Named You

by Breitbarth, Wayne

An all-expense paid week in Cancun, Mexico. An extravagant home entertainment system. Professional sports team season tickets. And, of course, a gold watch. These are all expensive luxuries, but what do they have in common?...

Blaze Your Own Trail

by Hutchings, Richard

We used to put our careers into the hands of our organizations. If we worked diligently enough, they might reward our efforts with a series of promotions. This template for career advancement was a clean 45-degree line....

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Learning to Fish

by Bullington, Kimball

The career excellence diagram, a modified version of the fishbone diagram, can be used to create desired results in career development by identifying causes that will ultimately lead to success....

Valuable Resource

by Zimmerman, Andrea

Talent development is addressed in three key components of sustainability management systems: international standards, social responsibility (SR) reporting and performance excellence frameworks....

Taking the Wheel

by Goodman, John

Customer experience has become the mantra of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. In fact, more companies are trying to differentiate themselves not only on product quality but also on total customer experience....

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Career Corner: Keep Your Toolbox Full

by ReVelle, Jack B.

Be aware of all the tools at your disposal to excel at your job. Your career as a quality professional depends on your ability to recall a specific quality tool and apply it when necessary....

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Tribal Quest

by Dew, John

The continuing abundance of news stories about quality failures in the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education sectors is a reminder that award-winning organizations are islands in a sea of quality indifference....

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Salary Survey 2011: Land the Big One

by Hansen, Max Christian; Wilde, Nancy J.; Kinch, Eileen R.;

Certification holders—or those thinking about obtaining certifications—should know that these assets make them more attractive to potential employers. In most cases, a certification offers the most value when it is held by a professional whose job duties ...

Up Front: Young Love

by Sanders, Seiche

We don't always come right out and say it, but the editors here at QP get pretty excited about the articles we publish. We have a sense of what articles you'll enjoy, and polishing them up to give to you is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job......

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Career Corner: Planning Ahead

by Lindborg, Henry J.

When TQM became a strategic imperative for competitive advantage, celebrity CEOs became cheerleaders, quality maturity was measured by more vice presidents for quality, and academics traced quality’s history from inspection to customer-focused strategy....

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Career Corner: Wowing the Boss

by ReVelle, Jack B.

No matter the organization, type of job or department size—everyone has a boss. Even if you have your own company, there's always someone to whom you are responsible and to whom you report. CEOs and board chairmen all report to their boards of directors....

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Certification at Work

by Roberson, Russell L.; McKaig, Brian

Organizations face difficult decisions every day: where to invest, how to focus employees and how to drive a competitive advantage in their markets. A decision to launch employee training cannot be taken lightly....

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LinkedIn or Lose Out

by Breitbarth, Wayne

WHICH OF THESE statements applies to your current situation? •I am tired of people asking me to join their LinkedIn network. • I have no idea what to do after I connect with someone....

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Career Corner: The World According to Moore

by Hutchins, Greg

Bill Saint-James is a 42-year-old electrical engineer. He has a master’s degree, several patents and a history of working with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. He left a well-known company to earn his start-up chops as head of engineering...

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Career Corner: Paint Yourself a Purple Squirrel

by Whitacre, Teresa

In recent years, economic conditions have caused organizations and job seekers alike to re-evaluate fulfilling needs. Companies have been re-evaluating their need for talent, and job seekers have been re-evaluating their talents for filling companies'...

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Happiness Helps

by Becker, Tom

Boredom and discontent in the workplace are serious business performance issues. In a recent international study of organizational effectiveness, two-thirds of the 28,000 respondents said they were less than fully engaged by their work and organization....

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Career Corner: Sell Yourself

by Westcott, Russell T.

Your personal body of knowledge (BoK) differs from your résumé. A résumé focuses more on your achievements: the situation you encountered, what you did about it and what results you obtained. Your personal BoK focuses on what you know, the skills...

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Salary Survey 2010: Revealing Answers

by Seaman, Julia E.; Allen, I. Elaine

Every year, QP’S Salary Survey sparks countless questions for quality professionals and gets them thinking about their careers and personal development: How do I compare with others? What can I do to get ahead? Are things getting better out there?...

Salary Survey 2010: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

experience by gender / FIGURE 2 More than 20 years 10.1- 20 years 6.1- 10 years 3.1- 6 years $ 6,000 Male Years of experience in quality profession Years of experience in quality profession Female $ 4,000 $ 2,000 0 $ 2,000 $ 4,000 $ 6,000 1- 3 years Less...

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Career Corner: Curbing Career Fears

by Lindborg, Henry J.

Books on careers usually contain some advice on strategic thinking. They counsel getting the big picture, sometimes by applying the tools and techniques of business planning. This can be done, for example, by conducting a strengths, weaknesses...

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Career Corner: Ethical Excellence

by Westcott, Russell

As the first decade of the new millennium unfolds, opportunity abounds—and so does risk. We are confronted daily by a bombardment of news about undesirable human behavior. The ratio of bad news to good news weighs heavily on the average...

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Career Corner: Rise to the Top

by Whitacre, Teresa

We all hope 2010 brings better economic times. What has the economic bust taught organizations and quality professionals about weathering the storm? It’s shown us we have the tools to survive down times, restructures and reorganizations....

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Career Climb

by Kulisek, Diane G.; Whitacre, Teresa; Westcott, Russell T.; Lindborg, Hank; Hutchins, Greg

You don’t need to be jobless in today’s economy to feel stressed and apprehensive about your current situation. You don’t need to be reminded there aren’t any guarantees in today’s world....

Acquiring Assets

by Kirscht, Ron

Manufacturers face a growing threat to quality and productivity. The coming wave of baby boomer retirements, alongwith a projected decline in the number of new recruits, poses the threat of a gap in skilled workers that are critical to success....

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Career Corner: Leave a Legacy

by Wescott, Russell T.

In many management development programs, an instructor assigns a task: write a brief eulogy summarizing what you feel a business associate could or would say about you. Questions you could consider include: What impact have you strived to make in the...

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Salary Survey 2009: Holding Steady

by Conklin, Joseph D.

QP’s salary survey is interesting in good times, and even more so in lean times. My observations for the 2009 version fall into three categories: profiles of success, limits of the survey and questions readers might ask to reflect on career development....

Salary Survey 2009: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

52 section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. exempt Status Online section 8 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position Online section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Onli...

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Danger Zones

by Tiwari, Anshuman

I’ve often been asked to identify the toughest questions in the Baldrige criteria. Which questions make or break an assessment? What answers does an examiner seek that aren’t explicitly asked for in the criteria? What questions are the hidden jewels?...

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Career Corner: Risks, Relationships and Rewards

by Whitacre, Teresa

Employers, employees and independent contractors alike have been affected by the turbulent economy. We see it all around us, whether at firms we own, organizations at which we work or businesses we patronize. Nonprofits are experiencing the same types...

A Frank Discussion

by Palmer, Brien

The Pittsburgh section has been an ASQ stalwart. It was one of a handful sections that co-founded ASQ in the 1940s. Because of the concentration of manufacturing in the area, Pittsburgh has always been home to many ASQ members—and a hotspot for quality....

Riding the Storm Out

by QP Staff

Virtually everyone and every organization has been touched in some way by today’s turbulent economy. Smaller budgets, unexpected layoffs and workplace shake-ups have become commonplace....

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Career Corner: Survive and Thrive

by Lindborg, Hank

No sector is immune. Manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, education, publishing and retail are being affected by conditions that range from slowdown to slow-motion collapse....

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Career Corner: Looking Out for No. 1

by Whitacre, Teresa A.

Finding work during a recession is a challenge but not an impossibility. But, whether you are unemployed and seeking work, or currently employed and seeking a better job or career path, it is your responsibility to get results....

Expert Answers: November 2008

by Berman, Bill, and Scott, John; Kubiak, T.M.; Reid, R. Dan

Workplace recognition ... Choosing the right chart.

In your particular case, your production run rate is 30 pieces per hour, so you have a variety of charts available to you, including attribute charts. PPAP provides flexibility in how much documentation must be submitted to the customer as evidence the PP...

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Total Quality, Total Commitment

by Watson, Gregory H.

An innovative approach to quality helped A.V. Feigenbaum create the concept of total quality management. Indeed, Feigenbaum’s quality contributions have been praised by U.S. business leaders and quality professionals around the globe. Armand V. Feigenbaum...

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What's Up?

by Sanders, Seiche

Study participants outlined the forces, four scenarios in which they might play out, and the implications to quality, organizations and the profession. Study participants were asked to envision the implications of the key forces and scenarios for quality ...

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Career Corner: A Portable Career

by Hutchins, Greg

Technical abilities—accounting, law or engineering—get a job done but don’t necessarily support entrepreneurship. I’ve also founded a number of businesses including Greg’s Outrageous Cookie Co., a publishing business and loads of others. Greg Hutchins is ...

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Futures Study

by QP Staff

Forces of Change From All ASQ Futures Studies Table 1 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 Changing values Partnering Quality must deliver bottom- line results Globalization Globalization Globalization Learning systems Management systems will increasingly absorb the...

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Career Corner: A Booming Voice

by Lindborg, Hank

According to the Yankelovich marketing firm, this generation’s essence is defined by "individuality, youth, [and] self absorption. Yankelovich CEO J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman answer, "Boomers will age, but they won’t get old—meaning they will remain e...

Strength in Numbers

by Gardner, Leslie; Osburn, Terrence; Pearson, Tom

Finding resources to pursue quality improvement and organizational excellence is the greatest challenge confronting most organizations today, including universities and professional organizations....

Quality in the First Person: Value of Certification

by Laman, Scott

In 1986, I began my career as an engineer in the research and development function of a large global chemical company. Eight years later, my family relocated, and I took a job with a plastic products company as a senior process development engineer....

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Career Corner: Company of One

by Hutchins, Greg

The authors offer practical tips for career and life management success. Then, I learned job success was based on project success—mastering the cost and quality sides of work. Harry Beckwith and Christine Beckwith, You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself, ...

Educating Engineers

by Viles, Elisabeth; Martin, Cristina

Statistics is an indispensable tool for solving engineering problems. But many engineers are not exposed to problems that require the use of statistical methods until they start their professional careers....

Good Vibrations

by Foo, Luke T.

Modern quality management principles define quality as customer satisfaction with product and service. SCGC has a web page where guitar owners can have questions about their guitars answered by Hoover or Roberts. With employee empowerment accompanying goo...

Measure for Measure: Short Supply

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

ASQ’s Measurement Quality Division (MQD) and the National Conference of Standard Laboratories International (NCSLI) have partnered on several projects to promote and enhance the metrology field with an education and training outreach program for...

Salary Survey-Regular Employee and Self-Employed Consultants Results

by QP Staff

45 Section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online Section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status Online Section 8 Salary by Number of Years of Quality Experience and Highest Level of Education Online Section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Posit...

Part I Section 3 Salary by Number of Years of Experience in Quality Field (Regular Employees)

by Edmund, Mark

quality PART 1. REGULAR EMPLOYEE RESULTS Section 3. Salary by Number of Years Of Experience in the Quality Field T FIGURE 1 More than 20 years of quality experience 10.1 to 20 years of quality experience 10 or fewer years of quality experience 21 32.1 46...

Quality in the First Person: Continual Innovation and Reinvention

by Westcott, Russ

There is often a pattern to one's work life, a pattern that might not have been immediately evident or intended. Call it an inclination that ultimately morphs into a strategic plan....

Nanotechnology: A Big Little Frontier for Quality

by Harriett Black Nembhard

Nanotechnology is a field of applied science that deals with arranging particles...

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10 Quality Basics

by Duffy, Grace; Payne, Graeme; Rooney, James; Hare, Lynne; West, John E. "Jack"; Borawski, Paul; Westcott, Russ; Okes, Duke; Guttman, Howard; Foster, S. Thomas; Conklin, Joe

In an overview designed to give quality newcomers a glimpse of the knowledge they need to succeed, ten regular Quality Progress contributors write on 10 basic quality topics that are fundamentals essential to surviving in a quality role. Topics covered...

Apply Six Sigma To Sales and Marketing

by Pestorius, Michael S.

A common misconception regarding Six Sigma is that it applies only to manufacturing processes and that its fact-based problem solving methodology doesn't transfer to business processes such as marketing and sales. These people believe that a...

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Career Corner: Map Your Career Through Value Streams

by Whitacre, Teresa

When we embark on our chosen career paths, we are often told to map where we see ourselves five or 10 years down the line. By mapping our talents, knowledge base and training, we might get a clear picture of what our future careers hold....

Statistics Roundtable: Different Roads to Take for Data Analysis

by Anderson-Cook, Christine

For most of us with some formal training in statistical methods - from a single course to an advanced degree - the starting point of this part of our education typically began with classical or frequentist methods for analyzing data....

12 Keys to Career Success

by Oltesvig, John

As the number of manufacturing jobs continues to decline in the United States, many quality professionals have become concerned about job security and opportunities to attain career success. But like Joseph Juran and W. Edwards Deming before them, each...

Climbing the Career Ladder: It's Up to You

by Walker, H. Fred; Levesque, Justin

With as much information on the subject of career development as there is available today, the real challenge is recognizing that you, not your employer, are responsible for your own career development, and then finding a structure to guide your plans....

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Career Corner: Career Management for Engineers

by Hutchins, Greg

Engineers - particularly electrical and electronic engineers - were once insulated from outsourcing. In fact, it could almost be said electrical engineers were recession and outsourcing proof. That's no longer true....

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Career Corner: Three R's for Quality Professionals

by Kulisek, Diane

While talking with the president of a growing service company, I learned he had some painful connections to the concept of quality professionalism. The words he associated with those who had "quality" in their job titles were overwhelmingly negative....

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Career Corner: Use DMAIC to Enhance Your Career

by Whitacre, Teresa

Attend an ASQ section meeting or conference, and if you didn't already know it, you'll quickly learn Six Sigma is still one of the hottest methodologies in the quality profession today....

Measure for Measure: The Metrology Job Description Initiative

by Grachanen, Christopher

Talk to almost any calibration practitioner on the subject of new talent entering the metrology profession and you will probably get the same response: “There are not enough young folks entering the field to replace the...

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Map Your Future Through Exploration

by Whitacre, Teresa

Business sections of newspapers and magazines have highlighted occupations expected to have shortages of qualified workers within the next decade....

Quality Pros Break Through the Healthcare Barrier

by Vnuk, Dan

Many quality professionals have been denied access to quality jobs in the healthcare sector because they lack medical backgrounds. One exception is Wisconsin's Marshfield Clinic, which has established a central department dedicated to helping the clinic...

Feigenbaum on Quality: Past, Present, Future

by Kubiak, T.M.

In an interview held at the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Seattle this year, quality pioneer Armand V. Feigenbaum shared his views on the current status and future of quality. Feigenbaum notes that quality has always been a cyclic...

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So You Want To Write?

by Westcott, Russ

Do you ever think you have something important to say or know how something could be done better and want others to hear you? Your colleagues, friends and relatives tend to tune you out....

Prepare Students For Technical Careers

by Heinrich, George; Jordan, Karen; Smalley, Audrey; Boast, Steve

In a global comparison, U.S. high school students are not competitive in mathematics, and relatively few pursue engineering or other technical disciplines when they enter college. A survey conducted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers showed gaps...

Does Six Sigma Work in Service Industries?

by Patton, Fred

Service and manufacturing organizations have much to learn from one another when it comes to serving customers. While in manufacturing the focus on product quality distracts employees from customer service quality requirements, in the service sector the...

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Take Center Stage

by Brong, Jerry

Here you are standing in the corner - the career corner. You see people involved in interesting activities, exchanging ideas and freely moving about....

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Service + Quality: A Formula for Growth

by Whitacre, Teresa

Have you assessed your career goals and skills in relation to the job market lately?...

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Senior Citizens Get It Done

by Brong, Jerry

Stop now! Enter this column only if you meet admission requirements. Those who fail to meet the standard of being a confirmed senior citizen need not apply. Discrimination against young people is in progress....

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Try Some Introspection

by Whitacre, Teresa

Don't just look for a job that fits what you have always been doing - especially if you are frustrated in your search for a job in the same field or particular geographic area....

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Computer Careers for Quality Professionals

by Conklin, Joe

Quality practitioners are continuing to increase their presence in sectors other than manufacturing....

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The Growth of Risk Management

by Gould, Greg

The quality profession and ASQ were very successful during the l980s and '90s. ASQ surged ahead in membership, national prominence and public policy influence....

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