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Virtual Voices

by Wigent, Dave; Sinn, John W.; Adams, Mike

Social services departments in seven Ohio counties and a university banded together to serve an influx of applicants and improve service by implementing a virtual call center....

Expert Answers: December 2013

by Wagoner, Keith; Pylipow, Peter E.

Measuring customer experience ... SPC for low-volume assembly....

Expert Answers: May 2013

by QP Staff

Lean case studies from IT organizations...

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Quality Around the Clock

by QP Staff

It’s in your DNA. It’s how your mind works. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. When you work in quality, you see things differently. You approach problems and scenarios in certain ways. It happens after you’ve signed off....

Making Contact

by Metz, Brian

For an organization to be able to truly understand how well it’s meeting customer expectations, more concrete, measureable metrics must be used....

Pick Your Spots

by Sherman, Peter J.

In the rush to achieve results, lean Six Sigma programs can get derailed because projects are pushed through the organization, leading to the selection of the wrong projects and suboptimizing the entire enterprise’s goals....

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Beyond the Basics

by Duffy, Grace; Laman, Scott A.; Mehta, Pradip; Ramu, Govind; Scriabina, Natalia; Wagoner, Keith

A movie sequel often can be as, if not more, captivating than the original. Essentially, a sequel builds on the original, continuing a journey with familiar characters and settings, developing ideas and unveiling more insight....

Surf's Up

by Edmund, Mark

In essence, a disconnect within the Telefónica Group was throwing off and disconnecting its customers from the internet....

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Jersey Score

by Krzykowski, Brett

For most, it takes years to reach a point at which an organization can expect to be seriously considered for the Baldrige award. But that didn’t deter New Jersey-based healthcare provider AtlantiCare, one of five award recipients for 2009....

What's the Big Idea?

by Bhalla, Aditya

In the knowledge economy, agility in rolling out a stream of innovative products and services will be the determination of continued success. But how do you make innovation a way of life that isn't restricted to new product launches?...

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Contacts That Count

by Daniels, Susan E.

A team dedicated to improving member contact rates at Healthways Inc. pulled just about everything from its lean Six Sigma toolbox while working on a project and was recognized in ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award competition....

Driven by Metrics

by Okes, Duke

Performance metrics are a necessary part of managing an organization. However, they have good and bad impacts on individual behavior, so organizations need to find ways to maximize the good while minimizing the potential damage....

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by Krzykowski, Brett

In the first year nonprofit organizations could apply for the honor, Coral Springs became the first local government to take home a Baldrige award by proving it didn't emphasize the present at the expense of the future....

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Back to Basics: A Call for Improvement

by Coifman, Harry

It’s a common perception that customer phone support is a resource-draining operation. This misconception results in many call center cost reduction projects but few process improvement initiatives. Basic tools can be used to improve a call center....

Standards Outlook: How to Manage Risk in a Global Economy

by Liebesman, Sandford

The global economy has provided opportunities that didn’t exist just 10 years ago. But the flattening of the Earth via the internet and extensive outsourcing to countries such as China and Mexico have also presented organizations with many risks....

Deliver Great Service By Listening and Adapting

by Goodman, John; Collier, Crystal D.

The customer service systems of most companies worldwide are seldom adaptable enough to handle diverse situations. To avoid giving customers the impression that their contacts are a waste of time, an organization must have an actionable voice of the...

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Extending School Improvement Beyond Curriculum

by Westfall, John E.; Peltier, James W.; Sheehan, Joseph; Weber, Harlan

Successful schools must meet the needs of multiple stakeholders - students, parents, teachers, administrators, taxpayers, and the community in general. And all this must be accomplished at different grade levels and divergent subject areas. Therefore,...

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Shifting Quality Into High Gear

by Edmund, Mark

Park Place Lexus (PPL), located in the Dallas metropolitan area, is the first automobile dealership to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Determined not to be just another car dealership, PPL leaders looked outside the industry to...

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Bringing Lean To the Office

by Tischler, Len

Lean methods produce quicker results than other quality methods, and they readily apply to office work. Lean uses three principles to create more value while reducing waste and cost. A team of college students gained hands-on lean experience with two...

Six Ways To Benefit From Customer Complaints

by Scriabina, Natalia; Fomichov, Sergiy

Customer service is one of the few areas where service organizations can achieve an advantage in a competitive marketplace. Six ideas are presented to help organizations improve business performance through the handling of customer complaints....

Control Charting at the 30,000-Foot-Level, Part 2

by Forrest Breyfogle III

In my November 2003 "3.4 per Million" column (p. 67), I described a traditional and a 30,000-foot-level procedure for creating control charts and making process capability/performance assessments for a continuous response....

Control Charting at the 30,000-Foot-Level

by Breyfogle, Forrest

For a given process, do you think everyone would create a similar looking control chart and make a similar statement relative to process control and predictability? This type of data traditionally leads to an and R control chart, as shown in Figure 1 (p. ...

A Model For Customer Service

by Daniels, Susan E.

Prior to 1989, one of every four callers to ASQ was either a follow-up or complaint call due to problems with ASQ's phone system. ASQ now receives high marks for its customer service, which uses its automated phone system only during non-business hours....

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Gathering Customer Feedback

by Carnell, Mike

Most people have heard the cliché, "If you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk." As such, the Six Sigma community has claimed a linkage with customer values, but are we really aligned?...

Balance Your Balanced Scorecard

by Lawton, Robin

The intended purpose of a balanced scorecard is to provide a framework linking strategy with operational performance measures. In reality, it is an integrated report focusing on various areas of performance the organization values most. Like most change...

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Column: Emerging Sectors: The Evolution of a Quality Culture

by Travalini, Maureen M.

Pilot program leads to a major award for Kelly Services' Houston Region

Based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for performance excellence, the Kelly Quality Management System (KQMS) serves as Kelly's blueprint for strategically building and enhancing its quality practices. KQMS is comprised of seven...

The challenges of auditing TL 9000 requirements.

by Liebesman, Sandford

New interpretations, lack of objective evidence can cause difficulties

Adding requirements related to metrics, including defining targets, tracking data, reporting data to a central database and using data to foster continual quality improvement. SANDFORD LIEBESMAN is ISO manager for corporate quality and customer satisfacti...

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Measurements For Business

by Stein, Philip

Measurements are the principle tool used to manage businesses. Quality professionals who support process improvement must understand the principles and processes behind the measurements they make. The popular Balanced Scorecard approach divides the need...

TL 9000--An Update on the Metrics Process.

by Liebesman, Sandford

Validation of training, registration and metrics completed

3. Software only: four metrics including quality of emergency fixes between software releases (corrective patches), quality of emergency feature improvements (feature patches), quality of software updates and failures of scheduled new software releases (a...

Six Sigma, E-Commerce Pose New Challenges

by Kendall, Jenny; Fulenwider, Donna

Companies feel a need to become more flexible and ready to respond to rapid changes due to the growth of e-commerce. Corporate systems for responding to such changes have the same role as that of the central nervous system in the human body. The...

Customer Satisfaction at a Software Support Call Center

by Palson, Charles; Seidlitz, Dale

Using a methodology developed by Gary Klein, a company that provides technical support to software publishing firms increased customer satisfaction rates at its call center by 43 percent in a one-month period. Klein's method seeks to determine how...

Turning CFOs into Quality Champions

by Goodman, John; O'Brien, Pat; Segal, Eden

For chief financial officers (CFOs) to support quality efforts, they must see that quality improvements have an impact on problems, complaint behavior, or customer satisfaction. Before studying the effect of enhanced quality on profits, the CFO should...

Call Resolution: The Wrong Focus for Service Quality?

by Cross, Kelvin F.

For the enlightened help desk or call center, first-time call resolution and closure has become a measure of productivity and customer service. This nontraditional measure could replace more traditional measures like call duration and time to answer...

Implementing the Six Sigma Solution

by Blakeslee, Jerome A., Jr.

Six sigma initiatives rely on quantitative, root-cause analyses and the comparison of customer requirements to business performance. Any business can use this method to solve its process problems. To do so, it must have good information about its...

When Culture Resists Change

by Huggett, James F.

Organizational change requires the alignment of behaviors and thoughts to a clear and well communicated vision. Resistance to change is really resistance to personal loss of control. Such resistance can be thwarted by helping all understand their...

The Criteria: A Looking Glass to Americans' Understanding of Quality

by Saco, Roberto M.

Process Management is Category 6 in the 1997 criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). As the sixth of seven installments on the Baldrige criteria, this article notes that the MBNQA is driven by values for which the criteria are...

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